Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Growing Love

A month of holiday preparations, celebrations, parties, and feasts
has come and gone.
The decorations are safely stowed away for another year.

Back to life (as usual) we go...gladly.
The holidays are fun and full of wonderful times, but there is comfort
in the ebb and flow of every-day-life.
Its return is welcome!

I thought I would bring you up to speed with what has been happening around
the farm this past week or so.

I had noticed last week that Ellie May, one of my leghorn hens was feeling a bit under the weather.
She became very weak and looked as if she were headed for the big
henhouse in the sky.
Fearing that the other hens would peck at her (her comb already showing signs of abuse),
I moved her to the convalescent ward (the feed room in the barn).

A private bed (on top of the hay pile) with plenty of fresh air, feed and water
seemed to rejuvenate her after a few days.
As of yesterday, she was a bit more active and curious about her surroundings.

If she continues to improve, I will move her back with her sisters in the henhouse.
(I am sure she misses the hen parties and endless gossip sessions!)

Weeks ago, our guineas stopped roosting in Sampson, the old pine tree by the barn.
Apparently, sometime during the daylight hours, a hawk took one of the guineas.
Fear of that nasty hawk has kept the guineas from returning to the barn.
Instead, they began roosting on the roof of the chicken pen.
A severe wind storm drove them indoors one evening,
and since then (much to the hens' chagrin), they have been roosting in the upper chicken house!

This situation reminds me of the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".
If you have seen the movie you will understand when I compare the guineas
to the crazy relatives that arrive for a visit...and STAY!

Sadly, Mr. Wellington has gone missing from the duck pond.
You might remember that his wife, Beulah May, went missing early in December.
(Fowl play is suspected in both cases....most likely the handiwork of the cunning Mr. Fox!)

Now, poor Edith is alone and is slowly finding her place amongst the rest of the ducks on the pond.

In the goat pen, Smoochie has been quite amorous lately...

directing his attention towards Sally.
Notice the look on Sally's face...

I couldn't tell what she was thinking,
but I'm pretty sure I heard her utter "Bug off!" just a moment later.

Smoochie must be confused.
After all, he has been hormone free since earlier last year.

Little Leo is a frequent visitor to the donkey pen,
and stops by for a little socializing.
Over the fence chatting isn't enough, so he slips under...

Daphne is curious...

and goes in for a sniff...

These inter-species relationships are my favorite part of farm life.
I am so pleased with how sociable all of our animals are.
Someone asked over the holidays, "What do you grow on your farm?"
Hubbs replied, "Love."
So true, so true.


  1. Love this post!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. What a nice compliment your husband paid you. It's so true, I love reading about your animals and appreciate their act of kindness to each other.

  3. Your Hubbs gave a lovely answer. Love the farm stories. So sorry for the duck losses, though. I do wish you and yours, your cute critters and farm all the best in the New Year.

  4. Great answer to the question . Everyone looks good . I am sorry to hear of Mr Wellington has gone missing hope he finds his way home . Hope Ellie May gets better . It is nice to get back to normal to life isn't it ? Wonderful photos . Hope you all have a good day !

  5. Your photographs are wonderful and certainly show the love amongst each and all species. I haven't a clue how you manage to care for them all and do the many, many other things you seem to accomplish. Such a lovely setting you have to live your life . . . happy days to you!

  6. Nice to catch up on all the goings on on the farm. Sorry about poor Mr. Wellington. It does seem to be the year for wethers to think they've got it all going on yet.

  7. Perfect answer Hubbs!!!

    I'm also glad the holidays are over and return to the "normal". One thing is I need to change the normal of the evenings. A little more movement of the body is needed after the holiday indulgence!!!

    Hugs this fine morning!!!

  8. what a wonderful post! the guineas are smarter than i thought!

  9. I also like the daily routine. It's just comforting somehow. The interaction between species on your farm is so delightful. If I lived closer, I'd stop by and watch it for myself:-)

  10. That picture of the guinea fowl and chickens is hysterical! National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is spot on!

  11. Good answer Hubs..and so true..It's a wonderful place..It seems as though the hens may not be quite as sociable though..Loved the picture..Hopefully their unwanted visitors will soon be on their way..
    The heat lamp is probably a big attraction..SO glad Ellie Mae is feeling better..Poor Edith...Now she's one of a kind...

  12. sorry to hear about the ones not feeling well,gone missing but adore the pics of smoochie :-)

  13. What a beautiful response.

  14. It does look like you do grow love there.


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