Wednesday, January 16, 2013


You might think me odd when I tell you how exciting yesterday afternoon was for me.
But then again, if you know me, you won't think it odd at all!

Yesterday afternoon was Super Duper Pooper Scooper afternoon!

After a month with snow on the ground and no way to get the gator into 
the front pasture to clean manure,
(this pasture is inaccessible when there is snow on the ground )
I was finally able to drive into the pasture and get to work.

More wintry weather is on the way, so I had only a small window of opportunity for
getting this job done.

With all my usual helpers, I spent the afternoon scooping poop.
Sam and Oakley rough-housed like two junk yard dogs,

while Maddie explored...

and waited patiently for me to finish.

The pigs visited from the other side of the pasture fence.

After two hours' work, the front pasture was pristine
and I was one happy farmer!

As I drove the gator back up towards the barn, past the pig pen,
I decided to stop for a visit.
Ginger and MaryAnn were outside enjoying the re-emergence of grass
which had been covered by snow for the past month.
As soon as they saw me they came running....

If you ever find yourself in need of a friend,
just come to the farm and visit with Ginger and MaryAnn.
They have a way of making you feel very special...
and it wasn't even feeding time!
I sure love these girls.


  1. Our pasture is frozen again..and ..when it was open the water was everywhere and a mud bath. The pasture is a horrible mess..and staying that way til sping by the look of it. I SO envy you getting ti all cleaned up...lucky you.
    Right now we into a hunt for shavings. Our regular spot can not help us so on the search! Hate this.
    Your pictures tell it all..You really do have such a loving bunch of friends!!!
    Have a Great Day!

  2. I'm so excited to be commenting today. I didn't realize with no internet how I would miss my favorite blogs. I just might have an addiction here but what a good addiction to have - visiting!

    This morning I love seeing you pooping scooping, crazy but glad to be back online.

    And where is Miss Sadie, I know lounging peacefully in the house while everyone else is outside.

    I hope your weather holds today so everyone can be outside in the fresh air! Hugs!!!

  3. Love your piggy pals..I know you're feeling good about your pristine pasture..Lot's of "P"s in there..Hope you have a poop free day if there is such a thing..

  4. I had to go out and stoop and scoop when the thaw hit it is amazing how much one dog can create lol we call Miggs out poop machine ! Awesome photos and video ! Have a good day !

  5. Just a normal day at the farm? No wonder you are so slim..shoveling for two hours! But I am glad you had your girls to cheer you on. Have a great week.

  6. Aw your girls are so sweet and sure looks like the love is mutual. Those kinds of days sure do feel great. Nothing better than busting a move and getting so much done. Yay for being able to get in and poop patrol your pasture before another storm. Have a great day!

  7. awwww...piggy kisses! those two sure are cute!

  8. Ha ha....I always say I am going out to Scoopa di Poopa. We are funny, eh?
    Do your dogs sleep indoors at night? How do you keep them clean? That must be hard, especially with the mud.
    I had to laugh too, at last post, with the chicken laying in the goat house. My chickens lay in all sorts of places too. Always interesting!!!
    : ) Kris


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