Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cat Tails

I've written many times about the different personalities that our animals have.
Nothing illustrates this better than the barn kitties.

Each of them has his/her own peculiar idiosyncrasies...
much like humans do.

There's EllaBella who prefers to remain in the barn beneath her heat lamp.

She ventures outside in the summer time and often
accompanies me in the garden.

But, for the most part she is a "home body."
And yes, she almost always has a scowl on her face.

The opposite of Ella is Bobby.

He is an adventurer...

who often leaves on a hunting expedition and doesn't come home for days.

Then he comes home, eats a few meals, and rests up 
for the next trip.

He is what I would call the feline version of a Swiffer....
his long, luxurious coat decorated with burrs and hay
and whatever else he happens to brush up against.

Then there is TomTom.

TomTom is all about play.
The current object of his desire is Leo.

He spends his day wrestling with Leo...

playing pounce with Leo...
and grooming Leo.

Which brings us to Leo...
(oh my gosh, I had forgotten how little he was when we found him!)

We have finally figured out how Leo stays so darned clean.

He is mostly white...pure white,
and always clean...
which is nothing short of miraculous for a barn cat.
(especially a barn cat that sleeps with pigs!)

He has TomTom to thank for this!

Leo is what we call our Velcro cat.
When you pick him up, he sticks to you like velcro...

loving every bit of attention he can get!


Today Moonbeam and I are heading out on an adventure.
We are putting on our riding gear,

loading up in Becky's trailer with Sid and Becky,
and traveling to a friend's barn for our second lesson.

A lesson at a new barn... should be a good test for Moonbeam...
this time with other horses around.

We'll tell you all about it tomorrow!
(PS....isn't he handsome?)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Leo, the Dandy Lion and Other Weekend Sights

The sun came back out this weekend.
Temperatures have remained above average all winter.
It's been a weird one, I think you will all agree!

We were all happy to spend some time out of doors.
Even though there is nothing growing in our front pasture,
the horses were happy to get out and wander about....
finding the piles of hay we had placed out there for them.

The pigs strolled up to their grazing yard...
Ginger with the turkeys...

 while MaryAnn took a circuitous route through the woods with Sam.

The obligatory search for eggs....

Even the chickens could not wait to get out to free range...
something they prefer to skip when snow is on the ground.

Stand back...
it's a chicken stampede!

I snapped this picture while cleaning the dry lot.
Leo loves Sam and follows him around the barnyard.

Speaking of Leo...don't you love how furry he has become?
This picture reminds me of a first grader
who has lost his bottom baby teeth....

Most of our snow has finally melted,
leaving the ground very soggy and muddy.

The driveway to the farmhouse is always the last to thaw,
as it is on the north side of the farm, and shaded most of the time.

After finishing chores, farm breakfast, and packaging this week's market eggs,
we took our usual Sunday hike with the dogs.
Walking through our hay field, I spied this bit of color on the ground...

Never before have I seen a dandelion blooming here in January!

I think it is a very early harbinger of Spring...
the promise of what is to come...

And then I remembered that with Spring comes weeds...
and weeding.
So, for now I will enjoy the rest that winter gives us!
Spring will come in its own sweet time.

On our return trip from the barn to the farmhouse...

I lost my seat.

Apparently Sam was tired from his walk.
Silly Sam!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ode to the D+ Day

Deliver us,

oh please,
from the dark and dreary,

damp and dank,

drizzly and doleful,

dismal and drab,

that has disturbingly descended upon us.

We are soggy from our heads to our toes....
but worry not,
our hearts are always full of sunshine!!

Hope your weekend is perfect...
everything you need it to be!
Ours will be full of adventure, I am sure....
and we will share them with you on Monday!

Thanks so very much for all of your wonderful comments this week....
I felt like I had a roomful of old friends to talk to!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playtime And An Announcement

Today's post is short on words,
and long on pictures.
The past two days have been warm (50 degrees)
and so the snow is melting quickly.

Weather like this means outdoor playtime.
And when we play outside, the species always mingle...
giving me the best photo opportunities.

So, here you are...
a walk to the barn.

Sadie...who loves the snow...

just can't get enough.

And the boys...who play hard.

Maddie....talkin' turkey...

Maddie and MaryAnn...

Ginger and TomTom...

MaryAnn and Ollie....

Ginger and Ollie....

Of course, the rest of the gang has to check out the pigs...


The Littles have playtime in the arena....

Nothing like a good hard romp....

And a nice easy ride....

What a fun day yesterday was!!

And now, if you will please excuse me...
I have an announcement.

I have opened a shop...

Here we will offer goodies from the farm and from my sewing room.
I have been sewing like a fiend!

Check here for honey after our next harvest.

And for those of you who are head over heels with Ginger and MaryAnn....

Check it out.
Thank you!


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