Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunny Day Fun

After several days of grey gloominess and wintery temperatures,
the sun peeked through the clouds yesterday and temperatures rose to above 60 degrees.

The chickens were in heaven and found a "spa" in which to spend their day...

dry ground for dust baths has become a rare commodity these days!

I often get comments about how lovely my chickens are.
How about this girl....

Ivanka, the Transylvanian naked neck chicken!
(Yes, she's supposed to look like that.)

I gave the donkeys a little something for playtime.

At first they weren't sure if they should investigate, but curiosity overtook them.

They each ventured out for a sniff, a lick, and a scratch with the hoof.

Daphne decided that it made a good scratching post...

neck and chin scratcher.

Chloe tried to push it around with her nose.

It doesn't take much to entertain donkeys!

We had a visit yesterday from our new beekeeper, Cody.
(Hubbs had to retire from beekeeping last month when he ended up in the hospital
with an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting.)

After he finished checking the hives, Cody visited Ginger and Mary
with a special treat.... celery with peanut butter.

Ginger was uninterested, but MaryAnn found her new favorite food.

Slipping the entire piece of celery into her mouth,
she sucked the peanut butter right off,
and spit the celery back out.

Since the celery still smelled like peanut butter, she decided to just eat the entire thing.

The next 5 minutes were spent searching for pieces that she might have missed.


Maybe she'd like her peanut butter on a Ritz!!


  1. Be sting reaction is quite a scare . . . does he carry something now in case he reacts again? Cody looks young to be a Bee Keeper?

  2. It is so nice when there is sunshine after so many gloomy days . Today is a gloomy day here . Cute photos aren't animals funny ? Great photos , sorry to hear hubs cant bee keep any more , looks like you have nice young man to bee keep to help and who enjoys the animals ! Have a good day !

  3. Cody is a local college student with a real interest in organic and sustainable farming. He has taught me a few things here and there, so I have the utmost faith in his beekeeping abilities. Yes, we keep epi-pens handy at all times!! We even used two on Hubbs before sending him by ambulance. He had a really bad reaction!!

  4. Peanut butter on a RITZ!!!! Mommie where is it?

  5. Yikes Hubbs, stay away from bees!!! I'm so enjoying your little sun break! It's rain, rain go away here. Doesn't every thing taste better with peanut butter on it. Well that is my opinion! Enjoy your weather break and have a great day! Hugs!!

  6. I love peanut butter and celery too. I could just come over, sit right down and share a snack with a pig!

  7. I'm so glad your husband is okay... my son had an allergic reaction at the age of 18 and scared us to death... he is particularly careful now.

  8. if i lived by you i would be there all the time treating those piggie girls. they are too cute!

  9. It was a fun day..Glad the sun came out..

  10. No Fair! 60degrees? It is bone chilling cold over here... and off & on raining this late afternoon. Oh Joy!
    So were your ears burning yesterday? karen & I were gossiping about you with a friend of ours, over early morning Java... soooo wish you could have been there to join in the silliness.

  11. Animals always know the best parts of stuff! :D Ginger and Mary Ann are super intelligent after all. Actually peanut butter and celery is a snack i enjoy. But i try not to spit out the celery part. lol.


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