Sunday, December 30, 2012


There is something warm and comfortable
in seeing the farm buried beneath a blanket of soft whiteness....

a peaceful, quiet stillness that settles over the land
after a snowfall.

The colors of sunrise are a sharp contrast to the grays and whites of the ground.

The garden, once the center of the farm, slumbers for now.

There are some who revel in the coldness...

and some who prefer to stay indoors....

and some who just don't know what to do with themselves!

This is how we will spend the end of 2012,
and how we will usher in the New Year.


  1. A perfect ending to 2012, Sadie in the snow!!! Love, love her picture! How peaceful your farm looks with the new snow!

    Here's to a great New Year! My New Year's resolution is "Don't Stop Dreaming, Start Doing!!!

    Many loving Hugs!!

  2. I love all the farm animals everywhere in the snow.

    Of course your house.
    Barn and even the dog. Your collie.

    Thanks for sharing. Great way to usher in the New year!

  3. Looks like a great way to ring in 2013 to me! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year to you! There is a peacefulness only winter can bring for sure. Beautiful pictures.

  5. While I don't miss the snow one bit, and love the lush green of palm trees and live oaks year round - I always loved the way everything was blue/purple as the day drew to a close. There was something so peaceful about that.

  6. It was a beautiful snow until today with the wind blowing it all over the place..At least it wasn't cold..
    Great day for photography..(yesterday)..

  7. I'm one of the ones who prefers to stay indoors. :) But the snow is so gorgeous!

  8. Your pic. of the bluejay is particularly beautiful all in shades of bluish grey. However, the turkeys look like they could use some snow shoes for getting around. If the snow was much higher would they be stranded? Have a wonderful New Year!

  9. Simply breathtaking!
    Happy New year my friend.. I just love the animals in the snow..

  10. I have to tell you that I think those guineas are hilarious! I have enjoyed seeing all you animals, but I like those birds the best. They make me smile.
    Have a very Happy New Year, Bev!

  11. It is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  12. Love the photos of snow although the real thing is even better. I am still waiting for the wind to blow, the snow to fall . . . hopefully!

  13. Since we dont't get snow...I would roll around in the snow with Sadie... making snow angels. Have a wonderful New Year! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face each work day! The world could be falling apart, but this blog I go to first thing every single morning at 730 pst! :)

  14. Hi!

    I must say, you have some wonderful pictures on here.

    I'm looking forward to reading and seeing more of your posts about your farm. In fact, you're not too far from me. I'm in Ohio.

    Anyways, have a great New Year!



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