Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Dress-Up Fun

When the goats heard that the donkeys were playing dress up,
they begged to play along.

Of course Dot was the first in line for hats.
She chose the reindeer antlers because of the feather boa trim and the bells.
Dot is a girlie girl!

O'Malley was next in line and was overjoyed to see that we had antlers.
See how she is smiling?

Sissy:  "Malley, is that you?"

O'Malley (smiling):  "Finally, I'm not the only goat in the yard without horns!"
"And red is my favorite color!"

I don't know, Malley....
Santa just might think you're one of his reindeer!


  1. Silly animals lol ! So cute . Have a good day !

  2. She sure does look like a reindeer! Love that smile!

  3. I'm not sure how you get your animals to pose for pictures but they sure are cute in their Christmas attire! Cute post!!

  4. So cute..Glad you're having fun playing dress up with the animals...Malley is adorable..

  5. So cute! They dont seem the least botheref and look like they are smiling! How festive :). Made my day.

  6. My sister made fun of me so much for putting a hat on my chickens. See! See, I'm not the only one. LOVE the pictures!

  7. So cute. I got a big smile out of these pictures. I think your animals sure do love YOU!


  8. Love these photos! They made my afternoon, and now i'm all smiles. :)

  9. Gary Love's the last photo of Malley..... heeheehee!

  10. Oh my goodness!! They are all so cute! and Malley in that last photo actually looks like she's laughing! LOL

  11. I bought 4 sets of antlers and none of my girls would keep them on. What is the trick??!! Did you tie them on?


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