Friday, December 14, 2012

Brighter Days

Before getting to the heart of today's post,
I must tell you that I was overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring
of love and sympathy that was bestowed upon me yesterday
over Hickory's passing.

From the bottom of my heart....thank you.

Today we must march on to happier subjects....
day to day scenes around the farm.

We are in a stretch of sunny and very cold weather.
You know it's cold when there's frost on your donkey!

It's hard not to smile with such clear blue skies!

Actually, for Jill, it's just hard not to smile!

Our fainting goats all seem to eventually end up with this underbite as they age.
Between you and me.... it makes for adorable pictures!

Little Dot, on the other hand was not cooperating with the smile idea...

Raspberries to you, Dot!

A few of our goats get lush cashmere coats for the winter.

And her mama O'Malley...

 grow the softest and thickest of all.

Each spring, when the goats shed this coat out,
we collect the wool.

Several year's worth of shedding was spun into yarn,
which Amanda knitted into this hat for Dr. Becky...

Didn't she do a great job?
It's the first thing other than a scarf that she has ever knitted.
And, by the way, that is the natural color of the yarn.

One thing about goat retains a little of the goat smell,
and is very itchy.  So, we will be lining the hat before Becky wears it.

Thanks for stopping by the farm for a visit.
I will be spending today cooking and preparing for tomorrow's party.
The cookies are baked...
yes they are!
I hope you have the very best weekend....
may your heart be filled with holiday cheer!
I will try to take a few party pictures to share with you on Monday.


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Hickory. Dogs are such wonderful companions, but Terriers are special (I'm owned by a Cairn).

    And smiling goats!!! OMG! My day is starting off wonderful!!! Love!!!

  2. I'm so sad to hear of Hickory's death. I wish you comfort and happy memories of her. She was beloved, we could tell, by your care for her. Love the photos of your animals. Goats have so much personalities!

  3. So sorry to read that Hickory has passed away. What a lucky dog she was though to be so loved by you and your family. Whenever I am cleaning the cat food cans I often think of Hickory and her daily can-licking ritual! I am sure you are missing her a great deal!

    The day of her passing is also the day I lost my stillborn baby 14 years ago.

    Kathy from Tas

  4. The goats are adorable. It seems they actually know that you are taking their photos. They ham it up a little I think. Maybe they're just waiting for a few Ritz.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of Hickory's passing. She was a very lucky dog to live her life with such great caregivers.

  6. What a beautiful day and look at that blue sky! Please send it my way!!! Rain drops keep fallen on my head is the tune I'm singing.

    Happy to hear cookies are baked! And that knitted hat, gorgeous!! Plus a great job on knitting.

    Enjoy your party, will be waiting for pictures.

    Still thinking of you and the loss of sweet little Hickory! Extra Hugs!!

  7. Jill's photos made me laugh out loud! That smile is just too much! I love her goatee too! Hope you have a wonderful party, Bev! Have fun!!! Hugs, Meghan

  8. Frosted manes!! Who woulda thunk it ?? SO , Mollies not the only one who develops an under bite as they age..I kinda think she had a head start though..I'm always telling her to hide her teeth..Enjoy your party..I'm sure it will be a hit..LU

  9. have a wonderful perty. these pics are just the best!

  10. Frost on the! Too funny. I love those pictures of your smiling goats. Have a fun party!

  11. Sweet pics! I love the smiles.. and frost on a donkey! Who knew? Certainly not i. But it sure is pretty.

  12. So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you.


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