Monday, December 3, 2012

An Eggstra Special Day

Each and every Sunday morning,
after Farm Breakfast,
we gather the week's harvest of eggs for cleaning and packaging...
to be sold to our loyal customers.

Apparently, there is a jokester amongst us!

(Jim and Kathy...our friends and neighbors, I suspect....Thanks for always keeping us on our toes!)

Isn't it amazing how different eggs' appearances can be!
All sizes, shapes, and colors...
and yet underneath it all, they are the same.
No matter the look...
they are still eggs.
Without their shell, you cannot tell one from another.

Not unlike us as humans!
Like eggs, we, too, have an outer shell that can easily be cracked,
exposing our soft, gooey essence.

It's funny how something so simple as eggs can be a reminder
of how we should treat each other.

This simple lesson is one I will carry with me through the holiday preparations...
when faced with crowds, lines, and traffic.
I will try to view each person that I interact with as an egg....
no matter what their exterior...
inside a perfect egg with a fragile shell..
no different from myself.

Happy December, People!
May all your holiday preparations be merry and bright.
And may each of your beautiful shells remain intact as you hustle and bustle...
decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping, partying and more.

I cannot end without sharing a bit of my weekend.
A visit from my favorite buddy...

He had a blast herding guineas

as they scurried all over the farm squawking!

For some reason, he was a little overwhelmed by Ginger and MaryAnn

and headed up to see the goats instead.
Goats: "Got Ritz?"
Tyler:  "Nope, my Ritz!"

So many things to learn when you are two....

when you put 10 grapes in a little cup of milk....
something's gotta give.
Like....the milk!

It's funny how messes don't bother you half as much when you're a grandma!!


  1. Adorable grand and excellent "Eggstra" post. One to remember . . .

  2. Awe sweet photos of Tyler . Oh those eggs are making me hungry now ! Here farms cant sell eggs unless they have been government inspected and approved that sucks but they do that as a precautionary thing so no one gets sick from salmonella as it can be in the eggs so they say . Never did us harm back in the day . they just want their grubby hands on the money that's what it is. People here can give them away but not sell soo stupid . What ever happened to the old days of farmers freely selling the goods ! Have a good day !

  3. an 'egg'cellent post! i wish i had grandkids to make messes. i love your decorations. i have a bunch of those houses out too!

  4. I think he's got a new concept there.. grapemilk!

  5. Adorable!!! Tyler is so precious.

    Wonderful post and the message is a brilliant reminder... xo C. (HHL)

  6. Do you keep lights on for your chickens? We never do, so it's no eggs for us until January. It's like they can sense when the solstice has taken place, before we even notice a difference in the light.
    Great pictures of Tyler. I'm sure he loves being at your place with all those animals!

  7. What a beautiful post and a perfect reminder during this busy month. Tyler is so cute-it is so fun to watch him grow. He isn't a little baby anymore! My son is 15 now but I will never forget those early years. It is almost like you can see the wheels turning in their heads! Love the grapes in the milk. Good Grandma, Bev!

  8. Messes, what messes, no messes here!! I speak fluent grand kids! Look at all the fun Tyler was having and he was out doors! Certainly not in front of a TV or playing video games.

    With only two hens left my egg supply is low! I can't wait til spring and a couple more chicks will arrive!

    Here's to a start of a great week! Hugs!!

  9. It's amazing the patience we have now that we are grandmas! No is just used for emergencies! Right? ;)

  10. Those eggs look good to me, shell or no shell.

    Love the little houses all lit up too!

  11. I am getting barely any eggs right now. My girls are all molting, and look like the motliest crew ever!
    Loved your analogy.
    Tyler is getting so big!!! What a cutie. And I had to chuckle about the grapes. So true....we are much more relaxed as Grandmas, aren't we? My Noah broke a glass bulb last night while decorating the tree, and it was no biggie....Just picked up the pieces and kept on going.
    Love my grands!!!
    xo Kris

  12. Oh My Word,,, it seems like yesterday he was just a wee bundle with a dimple in his chin! :>)


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