Friday, December 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Kitties

This is an all-too-familiar scene...

Yes, that's Bobby, one of our barn cats, headed up the driveway to the house.
For years now, Bobby has begged to be an inside cat.
And for years we have ignored his pleading.
After all, our barn cats have a great life....
plenty of food, warm beds with headlamps, company.
What more could a cat want?

"To live at the farmhouse," would be Bobby's answer.

Imagine my surprise when the other day I witnessed Bobby dragging his heat lamp up the driveway,
with a can of cat food in his mouth, and his suitcase tucked under his arm.

Yes, that's right.
Bobby has moved to the house...
well, at least to the garage.
He picked out a little corner (right next to Maddie, our Newfie)
and set up the perfect home for himself.
(Maddie chooses to sleep in the garage, as the house is too warm for this cold weather dog.)

Bobby's bed is right next to a door that is equipped with a pet door,
so he can come and go at will.
(The potty is outside!)

He enjoys "meals on wheels" which are delivered to him daily from the barn.

So, why this sudden move to the garage?
Bobby has decided that the barn is equipped for only four cats.
Up to this point there have only been four cats 
(with the exception of transient Moll Flanders).

Now, however, it seems that ole Moll has moved in for good.
She has been in the barn for the past week.
All the other barn cats have adjusted.
Apparently, Bobby's way of adjusting is to move out!

I thought you might enjoy seeing how fluffy Leo has gotten this winter.
He looks like a Buddah kitty!
That is one serious winter coat (I promise, he's not obese!)

So, are you ready for Christmas?
Are you in a mad rush...
or can you just coast through the weekend?
We'll be coasting...enjoying a little quiet time on the farm before the holiday festivities begin.
Hope your weekend is whatever you need it to be!


  1. I think Bobby just loves you, and wants to be closer to you!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. I love Bobby's cattitude. He knows what he wants and he takes action. Good for him. Our roomies aren't always the best match either. She's probably a snorer. Great photos. Love to visit with your cats. Have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy!

  3. Bobby knows where it's at lol. Lovely photos of kitties . Have a good day !

  4. Bobby is simply a smart kitty!

    As for me a little rushing this morning, work and then over the mountain pass I go for Christmas with all my kids and grand kids!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all and Good Night, oh wait it is morning! Well you get the idea!! Hugs!

  5. Great post..I have a picture in my head of Bobby coming up the driveway with all his "stuff"..So cute..He looks like Max and Moll looks like Abby..she even has "that look".Leo is beautiful....Happy coasting...

  6. How wonderful that Bobby was able to move his things all by himself! I hope he finds his new digs very comfortable:-)

  7. My goodness, I thought I was looking at my daughter's cat in the picture of Bobby strolling up your driveway. They could be twins not only in looks but in attitude!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family---humans and pets.

  8. What a funny post. I can see him now with suitcase in tow!!!!! Great fun!

  9. Cats are crazy critters. Both of ours are still doing the "I don't trust you" dance. I don't think they will ever truly get along. Oh well, whatever works I guess.
    I love the photos of the cats.
    Coasting here. Only one gift to make with GK today for her Mom and then....finito.
    Happy Solstice today, Oma Linda

  10. what cute and very smart kitties! we are getting SNOW!!!!

  11. Looks like Ol Bobby is movin up in the world...can't fault him that!

  12. when I die I want t come back as one of your animals I dont care which one!!!

    waiting for our family from Australia and France to descend upon us.

    Annie v.

  13. Aw! What a good boy Bobby is. Maybe he prefers human and canine company to that of other felines? This is his way of 'moving up'? lol. Anyway, he looks mighty comfy and warm.. and a little self satisfied. lol again.

  14. When I saw the look on Bobby's face and that almost military strut to his legs, I knew something serious was about to happen!!! Guess he showed YOU - I'd have to call him "Robert" with that look!!!

  15. I don't blame Bobby. Poor boy. I still have a rift over the last time I brought a cat home, and that was five years ago.


  16. Love this blog. Have not checked it for awhile and just learned of your precious Hickory and Pete crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps the new angels from Newtown needed a horse and dog to keep them company.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for this wonderful blog. luv. MaryO

  17. Bobby knows what he wants and I admire his persistence. Remember, you don't pick the cat, the cat picks you (and apparently that does for their lodgings too).

  18. We have a Bobby, his name is Boris. He has moved into the Mud room, he has not one but 2 kitty beds, a nice light, his very own food dish and 1 serving of CANNED food each day. But he STILL stands at the door leading to our kitchen, longing to sit by the fire. Give them an inch.....

  19. Tell Bobbie, my kitties give him '2-paws-up' for his wise choice in moving into the garage! lol!
    ANd yep! we are coasting too! played out in the Man-Cave in the new/old trailer...ditto tomorrow...might even get in a little crafting for fun...
    Merry Christmas to all of your 2 and 4 legged critters as well as you all.

  20. Thank you for allowing him to move (almost) into the house. I'm sure it was the right thing to do. :-)) Some pets just need their own space.


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