Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter Wardrobes

Well, it's official!
It is time to put the summer clothes away and get the winter clothes out.
How do I know this?

Because all of our equines have done the same.
Their sleek summer coats are long gone....

replaced by a thick, furry,

and much shaggier version of the same.

The donkeys are once again growing their bangs.

These lush coats (along with plentiful hay) will keep the herd warm
through the coming Winter months.

The barn cats have also donned their winter coats.

and Bobby are once again "long-hairs".

which brings me to another story.

Yesterday morning as I was feeding the cats,
(they eat their meals on top of the workbench in the barn)

I heard a 5th cat meowing.  
It sounded as if the cry came from behind the workbench...
behind the peg board.
Fearful that I would have to tear down the wall to rescue a cat,
I began listening closely to pinpoint the origin of the cry.

It was coming from beneath the workbench...
in fact, it was coming from a Rubbermaid tote that holds our dry cat food.

I lifted the lid,
and out jumped a very relieved tabby cat...
the one that has been visiting the barn for meals lately.

I have no idea how she got stuck in there,
but luckily she was rescued in time!

I made her a home in the greenhouse, with food, water, litter and a heat lamp
above a soft bed.
Luxurious "digs" for a wanderer, I'd say!

All's well that ends well.
And in the end the perfect name for this cat is Moll Flanders
(she's had a rough life so far).

Oh, and she is the type of kitty of whom I will never get a decent picture,
unless someone else is restraining her.
Whenever she is close by, she wants to be picked up or petted...
which makes posing a bit difficult!


  1. Too funny...I also have a "new" cat that has adopted us...been trying to get a good pic of him..but he would rather climb all over me!

  2. that is one lucky kitty to have found her way to you!

  3. Moll Flanders is the perfect name for such a girl! Just what you needed, another cat. I am happy for her. Our barn ladies are donning their winter garb as well, I just love shaggy donkeys. Even the little goats are sporting thick coats now.

  4. Well, at least the wanderer got locked in where there was food!!!
    We have a stray that steals food in our garage, and also sprays. EWWWW! I really don't mind feeding him, but the marking he does is not very fun!! I am always cautious to keep him out at night.
    xo Kris

  5. I love the look of horses and donkeys with their winter coats they look soo cuddly ! Poor kitty must of got a bit to nosey , glad you were able to rescue her , I am sure she feels right at home there ! Have a good day !

  6. It is almost time to put my heat lamp out in the chicken coop...almost. It was 85 in Marysville and I roasted in a light weight sweater. It is all changing this Thursday, I hope. I have an itching to bake a batch of almond cookies. We harvested some almonds this year from our three trees. (very tasty) Happy Election Day, I think the donkeys need little election hats. :)

  7. My #1 cat, Smudge, will quickly jump into anything that is open. You have to be extra careful with those extra curious kitties!

  8. Moll Flanders is one lucky kitty..I wish my hair was getting thick and lush!!

  9. hey Bev,,, are you and Meri in a race to see who collects the most kats & becomes the "crazy ol' cat lady"...??? lol!
    Hugz to you and your big heart of gold!

  10. That is just too funny...how on earth?

  11. Molly sure came to the right farm. She will think she is on vacation staying at your place. I love when the animals have their winter coats. They all look so toasty.


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