Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving is over.
What remains of the turkey is now soup.

We made it through another Black and Blue Friday, with no mishaps...

lots of stories....

war stories....

memories to last a lifetime.

I was unable to play paintball with the rest of the family...
(designated Tyler babysitter)

but I have vicariously enjoyed the fun through the stories of my family.

I know.... it's a weird and wacky Thanksgiving tradition,
but, it's ours and we love it!

It doesn't matter how you celebrate your holidays...
what matters are the traditions...
those things you do each year...
the things you count on...
the things you remember forever...
that count.

Every year, on the weekend after Thanksgiving,
we go to the same tree farm to get our Christmas tree.
It's tradition!

Traditions are good.  They bond a family together.
The make sweet memories that can be carried in our hearts forever.
It just doesn't get any better than that.

So, with the Christmas season fastly approaching,
think about making your own traditions...
and hang on to them each year.

As for the farm...after all, it is what you came to see, right?
I have one post-Thanksgiving photo to share...

Poor Sammy...
just cannot understand why the chickens get Thanksgiving dinner scraps, and not him.

"But maybe if I stare at it long enough,
my tractor beam will pull it right through the fence."

He stood there for about a half hour....motionless.... waiting....willing.
How's that working for you, Sammy?


  1. awwww..poor sammy! i think paint ball is a great thanksgiving tradition. glad you all had fun. looks like you had a big helper helping you babysit!

  2. AWE Poor Sammy . Lovely traditions and photos ! I am glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! Have a good day !

  3. It looks like a wonderful tradition to me. I think you got the better deal with the paint ball war!!

    Now it is on to the next tradition,so enjoy getting your home all ready for the Christmas Holidays.

    Yes, I see Sadie, thanks!!!


  4. Poor Sammy...Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...Hang on to those traditions as long as you can..They won't be there forever...

  5. I love family traditions! Your paintball is one I have not seen before....but hey, I think it is great!!!!
    Families that play together, stay together!! You got the best job though....watching Mr. cutie pie!!!
    Happy day friend!
    xo Kris

  6. Sou a anos admiradora de seu blog, tudo que voces fazem demonstra carinho em cada foto, no tratamento de carinho em cada animal.
    Love blog!

  7. How fun, bet you all had a wonderful time...great traditions..great days.

    I just know Sammy had some too. :)


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