Wednesday, November 14, 2012

They Only Have Eyes For.....

A cold front has settled over our area, sending the last few days of Autumn warmth
far, far away.

I love the dramatic cloudy skies of Autumn.
Bundled up in a warm jacket, the cold winds are refreshing.
Everyone, myself included, has more energy at this time of year.

Yesterday afternoon, while feeding, we stopped by Becky's barn to see her horses.
Their eyes fixed to a point in the distance,
they pretended to not even notice my presence.

Ava (above) and ancient Duffy (below)...

and Pete, also, stood transfixed,
their gaze across the road.

Were they looking at that bear in the woods?

Oh no, that was Maddie not a bear!
No, they were watching their pasture mate, Sid,
out in the hay field with Becky.

It was the perfect day for a ride!
It's funny how attached horses get to each other.
When one leaves, the others cry and fuss.

I had wanted to show you one of our most striking roosters.
This is Roy Boy, who was born this past summer.

One of Roy Boy's best features is his fluffy butt!
He's got an amazing set of tail feathers, that hang just over the cutest, fluffiest bum.
Check it out!

You've got to admit, that is one adorable chicken butt!


  1. Yes, as far as chicken butts go you are probably right. Dr. Becky's horses are lovely and Pete is so handsome and healthy looking.

  2. what a gorgeous rooster!!! a great place ride too.

  3. Ahhh, fluffy chicken butt! Don't you just want to ruffle it, but I'm sure you would get pecked!

    It looks like a gorgeous day for a ride. Look at Pete,what a handsome boy!

    Have a great day, hugs!!

  4. Pete has come so far from what he looked like when he cam to your farm. I'm so glad he has good people to look after him.

    And you're right, that is one fluffy butt!

  5. Only true chicken and rooster lovers like us know a cute rooster butt when we see them! Love the photos and look forward to your posts everyday!

  6. I think that is a beautiful rooster!

  7. Lovely photos ! Roy Boy is quite the handsome dude ! Have a good day !

  8. I've just started learning how to ride horses and when we take the horse I'm learning on out of pasture to the arena, the others line up like dancers and balefully glare at us the whole time.

    It's so hilarious.

    I have often thought admiring fuzzy butts was just a nice little bonus of owning chickens. They are so cute!

  9. As a poultry superintendent at our county fair I can say without reservation that Roy Boy is one gorgeous rooster with a beautiful bum!!

  10. You're too funny!! He is a lovely looking rooster!! Nice color pattern of white and black with his well formed comb on top!
    "Strike a pose!"

  11. The horses are beautiful and the fluffy chicken butt is adorable, too!

  12. Nothing like a fuzzy butt!!! Good pictures of Becky's horses..Duff's showing his age..Maddie does kinda look like a bear..


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