Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Saga of Roy Boy

There's a newcomer in the upper chicken yard.

Can you tell who it is?
Yes, you are so right...it's Roy Boy!

It seems that we had a happy accident on Sunday morning.

Roy Boy, as you might remember, had been sleeping on top of the henhouse by the barn,
and then each morning making the trek... past the garden....up to the goat yards,
to hang out by the upper chicken pens, waiting for the hens to emerge for their
daily free ranging.

As I had lamented last week, I was nervous about Roy Boy sleeping outside, unprotected,
with winter weather just around the corner.

Well, Sunday morning as Hubbs and I were doing the morning chores,
Roy Boy dashed into the upper henhouse yard as we opened the door to bring water inside.

Ahah!  Perfect!  
Now all we have to do is keep him in there for a few days,
until he identifies these henhouses as home.
Problem solved.

Luckily, Ole Roy and Brad seem to be tolerating Roy Boy just fine,
after a few minor skirmishes in the beginning.

I usually try to keep my rooster/hen ratio at about 1/25.
This helps to keep the hens from being stressed out by over-sexed roosters.
(as all roosters are!)

When I once again allow the hens and roos to roam free,
I am hoping that Roy Boy continues to remain in his new home.

Time will tell.


  1. I have no doubt, Roy Boy will stay in his new home. He's beautiful!

  2. I love the photo of Roy Boy among the hens. He is standing so tall and proud. I have my fingers crossed for a coop this spring. I have wanted chickens for four years. I think I have waited long enough!

  3. Who would want to live anywhere else with all those lovely ladies around? :)

  4. You have some beautiful hens and roos!

  5. I think he will become the king of the coop ! He is a handsome fellow ! Bet the girls like him ! Great photos . Have a good day !

  6. I do believe this is where, cock of the walk comes from. Look at Roy Boy strutting!!!

  7. Wow, Roy Boy is such a handsome young man!! I don't believe I will ever see any chicks from Michelangelo...he is just so docile! He loves to guard his girls, though.

  8. When I saw your title in the sidebar I was afraid Ole Roy Boy had met his demise. Thank goodness he could see reason. He will be so much more happy with the ladies. Much Love.

  9. What a beautiful boy he is! He really looks like he is strutting his stuff amongst all those ladies!

  10. He is so handsome! And very lucky that the other roos will let him stay there.

  11. He is a regal looking chap!! Good luck Ol Roy Boy!!
    xo Kris

  12. He is a show stopper, his stance shows his confidence.

    Thanks for sharing. I love hens and roosters.

  13. Will keep my fingers crossed..Hope he's ready for constant companionship.

  14. He is among pretty ladies, hopefully he won't be too crazy with the hens, they can be so mean! My first attempt at raising a small flock was well...not so good. I ended up with 8 roosters and NO HENS. Back they went to that so called feed store when they were 5 months old and trying to cockle doodle dooooo. I don't want to know what they did with those roosters. Lesson learned, do research and get your baby chicks from a reputable outfit.

  15. Hope that goes well!! I've been following your blog for a while and I love all the posts!! ... Especially the ones on your chickens!! They're all so beautiful!! :)


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