Thursday, November 1, 2012


The storm is over, but we continue to be in the midst of grey, cloudy, drizzly days.
The animals are all "hibernating" and staying in where it is warm and dry.
And so, I have no new pictures to share with you from this week.

Except, perhaps, for a leaping (the leap was followed by a kick) donkey
who happens to be in a less than jovial mood...
thanks to days and days of dark, wet, muddy conditions.

So instead of news....of which there is none....
I thought it might be fun to resurrect some noteworthy pictures from years past...
an offering, or apology for my lack of content.

How about this picture of our barn....
before the arrival of horses...
back in the day when we only had one dog!

Donnie Brasco, when he was much younger and much thinner....
And to think in those days, we actually had grass where the dry lot is now!

Our very first batch of chicklets....
(we've raised many, many more since then!)

Our very first batch of ducklings....khaki Campbell ducks...
of which we have only one left.
Old Methuselah is about 6 years old, now.

O'Malley as a baby, before she made her long trip from Nevada to Pennsylvania....

Young Chip (now our oldest buck) faints for the camera....

Ollie's arrival....meeting Moonbeam and Dr. Becky's horses...

Oh, my, we've come so far and done so much these past 6 years.
The journey has been wonderful.
Each day unfolds with new adventures and countless sweet moments.

It's good sometimes to look back and remember...
and cherish these moments that pass by so quickly!
Thanks for joining us on the journey....


  1. what wonderful memories! love the photo of ollie! teddy has had it with the rain too. she lays by the door looking outside waiting for the rain to stop.

  2. I'm kind of feeling like the little donkey by now myself! I'm so ready for some sunshine! :) I love seeing your animals, whether it's new pictures or old ones!

  3. It sure is fun to look back every now and then. There's always a surprise somewhere.

  4. It is so amazing to see what you have accomplished in six years! I was so sure it was longer! All that work...incredible. New gardens, new buildings, I am just amazed!

  5. Wow, have I been following your blog that long. I love taking a moment in time There's my Sadie!!! You knew I would love that picture.

    I'm so enjoying this little trip down memory lane! Hugs!!

  6. Wonderful post ans photos ! It is amazing how time fly's isn't it ? I enjoyed going down your memory lane it was lovely ! I to haven't much to post about or any photos as the weather here has been rainy and gloomy since last Friday ! Oh well that's just the way it goes some times ! Have a good day !

  7. a look back can be like comfort food, even if there were bumps in the road. I liked this.

  8. Love all the photos.
    Must be such good memories for you.

  9. OMG..I don't remember Ollie being so little...Thanks for the trip down memory lane..

  10. Such beautiful memories and photos. :) Life is indeed good.

  11. Hi Bev,
    Such beautiufl photos and memories.. Just a short 6 years.. Time passes so quickly, we must savor each moment..
    Thanks so much for sharing and also for your most welcome visit and kind thoughts.
    I am so happy you enjoyed the ballet!


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