Monday, November 19, 2012

Frosty Days

It seems that Autumn has packed his bags and moved onward...
a bit premature for my liking!

Ole Man Winter was only too happy to move himself right into Autumn's place.
And he's warned us that he is setting up camp for an extended period of time...
unlike the fleeting visit that Autumn gave us.

Winter is all too opportunistic and wastes no time in jumping right in
if Autumn turns his back for even a moment.

Every morning, we are greeted by a thick blanket of frost...
its icy crystals drawing the life out of anything that remains green.

Even the kale, though easily thawed in the sun, has become as brittle as glass.

The animals spend a great deal of time foraging now,
as food is not so readily available in the pastures.

Their grazing is augmented by ample portions of hay.

Now that the nutrition of the pasture is almost gone,
the horses will be allowed longer times out and about.
(Rich pastures make them fat!)

Even the pigs have had to resort to munching hay

instead of their usual diet of grass and weeds.

They are less interested in venturing out of doors when it is this cold,
but prefer the comfort of their stall filled with hay and warmed by a heat lamp.

I am not sure what the chickens find to eat outside,
but they spend their days searching...

As for me, any extra time that I have is spent in my sewing room.
I am working on quilt number 10...
and yes, I will share pictures of them
(after they are gifts!)

As for the barn kitties....
as you can see, they have a tough life!

This is how they spend the cold months.
Occasional trips outside for hunting adventures are always followed by 
defrosting under their heat lamps.

And by they way,
look how Ella Bella has softened over the years.
Amazingly, she has agreed to share her bed with Leo...
nothing short of a miracle for this old gal!

Although, she still has that sourpuss look on her face.


  1. Until recently I really didn't know pigs were grazers!

    Leo is beautiful, love his face.

  2. Yep, that's what things are looking like around here as well. I actually love this time of year :-).

  3. Every one is happy , perfect ! Lovely photos ! I to have been out taking frost photos , I find frost fascinating . Have a great day !

  4. Winter makes chores more difficult but I love, just love, the downtime that comes with it. Our barn cats sleep up in the hay. They seem to be well and refuse to come inside in the winter. I'm waiting for snow and I don't think it will be a long wait. Maybe Saturday? Much Love.

  5. The piggies and kitties all look so snuggled in and warm.

    Old Man Frost sure provides for some pretty pictures. I love the horses grazing in the pasture.

    Stay warm and keep that sewing machine humming!! hugs!

  6. We were just discussing this morning, time to pick up hay for the gals and fill the barn to the rafters. I think we are all in for a killer winter, we got off too easy last year. Brrrr! I do love winter though,all my shows are over and I get to accomplish a lot of things I have put aside for too long. As for you, it is a great time for quilting! Love the idea of heat lamps for the fuzzy ones.

  7. Brrrrr! It was cold this morning when I went out to feed the chickens! Frost on the roof!!!
    I keep an old heating pad with a this towel wrapped around it, in the garage for my kitty. She won't come into the house with our rowdy dog!
    xo Kris

  8. Such gorgeous photo . . . loved each one!

  9. Lots of frost but the afternoons have been warming up nicely..

  10. All of your pics are magnificent, but it's the ones of the animals i love the best! And i'd no idea pigs graze on hay. I really learn something new every day. Your frost covered kale is beautiful.


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