Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Thought For Today

Today I thought I would share with you what I have learned from the oldest
member of our family....


At 17, this old gal is almost totally blind and deaf.
She is old and crusty on the outside.

But inside....she is still a puppy,
so full of life and love and joy.
(She lives for tasty morsels!)

She has taught me that what we see on the outside
has nothing to do with what is on the inside.

And although a person (or critter) might appear disheveled or unkempt,
inside there is a soul, like all of ours, who needs love,
and has love to give.

She reminds me that as our bodies age and change,
our souls, our spirits remain the same.
We may be 60 or 70 or 80 or 90 on the outside,
but inside we are the same as when we were young.

So, although I know that I am preaching to the choir....
I can tell what kind souls you all are by the beautiful comments you leave for me....
it never helps for any of us to have a reminder.
Our time on this earth is way too short;
and time passes too quickly.

Love and kindness are our most important legacies.
What we leave behind is the love that we have given.

Give it freely!
Give it generously.

We know that our days with Hickory are numbered,
and so we will take every opportunity to let her know that she is cherished.


Today is a big day for Moll Flanders.
Our new adopted stray is having surgery today...

Moll is being spayed by Dr. Becky....
our contribution to help stop the proliferation of unwanted cats.


  1. what a cutie hickory is! and 17 wonderful years old! awesome pup!!!

  2. Love seeing photos of Hickory! I also have a 17 year old pup, a cocker spaniel named Chipper. We are his 3rd family & have had him since he was 7. He too is not as 'pretty' as he used to be but he still plays, barks(!), & loves like he always has! I cherish every day I have with him!

  3. Love seeing photos of Hickory! I also have a 17 year old pup, a cocker spaniel named Chipper. We are his 3rd family & have had him since he was 7. He too is not as 'pretty' as he used to be but he still plays, barks(!), & loves like he always has! I cherish every day I have with him!

  4. It's so true. Being kind not only makes the person/animal you are being kind to feel good, it also makes you feel good. Hope all goes well for Molly today.

  5. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Give Hickory a cuddle from me!
    Good luck to Miss Moll for her surgery. She is a lucky kitty!

  6. Sweet, sweet little Hickory!!! Our first little dog, Scuffy, lived a few days shy of his 21st birthday and he would still occasionally squeek his little toys! I had him for so long it was hard to remember life without him. My only comfort at the time was when my sister said to me that he had the best life he could have possibly have had with you. And that's the same for Hickory as well!

  7. Truer words haven't been spoken... and seriously, Hickory doesn't look 17!

    My grandmother, at 85, said... "My body tells me I'm 85 years old, but inside I still feel like the girl I've always been".

  8. Your post this morning is a lovely reminder to what matters in life. Thank you.


  9. Oh how I love that face on Hickory. AND you are so right about the young on the inside even though we have aches and pains and parts of our bodies failing. I could just hold that little Hickory of yours all day long. :-)

  10. great post! even those of us who have experienced first hand how short life can be and how quickly it can happen- without warning ...need a reminder now and then.

    Hickory is adorable - as are all your furbabies on the farm!! They really have lots to teach us , if only we take a moment to observe.

    Wishing Moll Flanders are quick recovery!! xo HHL

  11. I agree with everyone. Someday we all have aches and pains but a loving hug always helps!

    Hickory has such sweet eyes and they may not works as well but it looks like his sniffer works just fine!

    Good luck Miss Moll!!

    Special Hugs today to all!!!!!

  12. Nice post and you practice what you preach!!!..Sweet Hickory..such a cutie..

  13. I have felt, for a long time, that some of us are true keepers of the animals here on Earth. It is part of our makeup, our DNA, our soul. We learn much from them, we experience joy and sadness, but it is just a big part of who we are. You are definitely in the club and I respect you a whole bunch for what you do.

  14. Amen to that...I love hearing that it's not what's on the outside... I grew up in a critical environment and it has taken me years of struggle to climb out of that. Thanks, for the reminder.

  15. Best post ever, Bev! It made my eyes leak! Hugs to you and all your beautiful critters. Hugs, Meghan

  16. I don't comment often although I read your blog every day. Thank you for this post. You're right--we need to be reminded of this important truth. Yes, in the end kindness and love are what matter. I would only add that some of us get younger inside as we get older. The child is the true self and if we age well we return to the child likeness that is our truest self.


  17. A reminder of the joy that our furry family members bring to our lives. Awesome.


  18. Having recently lost my dear canine companion, you've brought tears to my eyes again. This is a beautiful post. I'm glad you're enjoying every moment you have left with Hickory.

  19. What a great dog, and reminder. Thank you!

  20. What a sweet post and even sweeter little dog. I had to put down my 17-year old Bichon on Halloween of this year. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I wish you and Hickory continued good health, lots of treats and lots of love.

  21. never were trurer words spoken,,,, I do appreciate whats on the 'inside'.. exteriors are fleeting,,,,
    My hugz to Hickory, Maddie and all your fur & feathered kids.
    I look at my Dolly~girl, she is 15 and my heart aches when I realize that we are on the 'tail end' of her journey through life...but I am feed will gladness when I think about her life as a rescue kitty before she came in to ours.
    ok, now I am getting weepy-eyed.
    Hugz to you all.....

  22. Yes. To all of it. What a great post for today. I miss my house full of dogs and I miss my special little pug boy Gus. Our time is too short with them. So extra snuggles, extra loves, and warm soft places to sleep are truly wonderful.

    On another note, the cats are just drawn to the farm, aren't they?


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