Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Little Drops of Summer

It always amazes me how so many of you live so far away,
and yet, each day you drop by our little farm here in Pennsylvania for a visit.
When I picture where you live, I think about the weather that you are experiencing that day.

Yesterday I thought of the snow that was forecast for the Pacific Northwest.
And I breathed a sigh of relief that that snow was so many miles away from us!
Here in PA we are enjoying Indian Summer this week.

With the return to warm temperatures, I felt the need to get a little garden work done.
The rock garden that I planted this past spring was in need of one last weeding
before Winter arrives.
Here it is now....

a stark contrast to what it was this Summer....

While weeding, I was serenaded by this fellow....

Elton is the most unusual rooster.
Unafraid of the dogs and the cats, he seems to prefer human company over chicken company,
and always hangs out close to where I am working.

while these two wrestled behind me....

Hickory took a nap in the gator...

and Maddie chose a shady patch of grass....

I planted a dozen iris tubers that will bloom next Summer.

Although I love the change of seasons,
I do miss the gardens when Summer leaves us and heads south. 

Moonbeam, on the other hand prefers the cold weather,
and would most likely be happiest back in the Austrian Alps,
the birthplace of his ancestors.


  1. Even the animals know when seasons change. I can understand your missing your gardens when summer leaves. Elton is a cute rooster. Interesting he isn't hanging out more with the hens.

  2. i am with moonbeam! give me fall and winter. i am not enjoying this indian summer!

  3. The weather in Massachusetts was lovely as well. It's nice to have company when there are chores to be done. Enjoy your day!

  4. Here in N. Central Washtoning St. we did get our first serious snow fall, and as I loook out my kitchen window the clouds are revealing our beautiful North Cascade range, its awesome.

  5. Tornados, hail and wind!!!! North of Sacramento!!!! I always love reading your posts. I read many blogs, but yours is my favorite. Always so uplifting and so soothing to me is seeing pictures of your animals. I have chickens and love them dearly. All hens and they all have names. I have a fondness for goats.

    Laura---Sacramento (really Marysville) but no one knows where that is! :)

  6. Nothing like gardening with animals around ! Love your photos and your rock garden is awesome ! Have a great day !

  7. Laura,, I know where Marysville is.. hubby use to go bottle digging up in that area (many, many years ago).

    Oh Bev, are you sure you don't want some of our PNW snow?,, well actually all we got (Spokane) was a lite falling of 'grapple' a type of snow...sort of like hail but lite & melts as soon as it hits the ground... Old Man Winter is planning a dozey of a Winter for us... so, are you sure you don't want us to send you some of ours?... Please! lol!

  8. The weather in my area has been quite spectacular! We had several tornados and funnel clouds reported yesterday and California is not known for violent weather. Our mountains have received over a foot of snow so I guess that winter is really on it's way. Mary

  9. I'm in Portland for two days of meetings but our hotel is right on the Columbia. Gorgeous view with sun and clouds. No snow here!!!

    I wish the warmer weather was still here, not ready for chilly!!!

  10. I'm with Moonbeam...but I love this time of year...


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