Monday, October 22, 2012

Super Sunday

This past weekend was an "anything but quiet" weekend on the farm.
We had lots and lots of visitors.

It was Homecoming weekend for Amanda and Tim, 
who graduated from a local college...
so several of their friends came to the farm for a camp-out.

The first arrival was Linus.

And Maddie was quite happy to have a puppy to play with!

The guys had a camp-out at our platform tent in the woods.
(Click on "our hundred acre wood" tab beneath the blog header to see our campsite)
The girls chose the warmth and comfort of the farm house.

All gathered on Sunday morning for farm breakfast.
There were 15 of us around the table!

Sunday afternoon's highlight was a visit from Tyler.
We had some wonderful play time together...

in the playhouse...

with the donkeys....

running in the pasture....

picking daisies....

picking up walnuts in the pigpen...

"Balls" he called the walnuts.

How many can one little boy fit in his arms?

Let's count how many there are.
Tyler can count to five!

He was a bit curious about a caterpillar,
but he was not about to touch it!

I love how children can get completely involved with such simple things.
I can't help but think our children need less toys,
and more time outdoors in nature!

By late afternoon, everyone had left
and Hubbs and I took Sammy and Oakley for a quiet walk in the woods.
It was an exceptional weekend for sure...
and a truly Super Sunday!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!!

  2. Don't you just love having company. There is nothing like a house full of happy people. I bet they all enjoyed there farm breakfast. Tyler looks so cute with his big boy haircut!

  3. what a fun time! and what a wonderful big farm table! that is a gang i could cook for! i notice the caterpillar has a large brown area? do you buy into that predicting the kind of winter you will have?

  4. Sounds like a fun was surely a beautiful day..

  5. How wonderful to have such a large farm table to have them all seated together. I'm sure they enjoyed their breakfast.

    One, two balls, grand kids are the greatest!

    Have a great day, hugs!!!

  6. Fun :-).

    Do you leave your awesome tent up all year round?

  7. Looked like my kind of fun! Is that table fabulous or what?? Is it two farm tables together, or is it one big table? I love it!!! Tyler is such a cutie. My little grand boy Noah got the same haircut this weekend!!
    : ) Kris

  8. ooh, I just love that age.. the wonder years.. what a great learning environment you have created for him on the farm.

    THAT IS ONE HUGE TABLE!!! Love it!

  9. A little about our "big" table. We had this table made by a local Mennonite family. They have a furniture business and make extraordinary pieces. We asked if they could make a 6 foot wide table for us, so that it would be more square than long and skinny. It makes having one conversation at the table so much easier. What I love about the table is that it is hand planed, so it looks very old and rustic (just like me!)

  10. Oh, and about the tent....yes, it is up all year round. It has a large tarp over the roof, so that cuts down on weather wear and tear.

  11. Your life is magical indeed! :)


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