Monday, October 1, 2012

Romeo Roy Boy

Roy Boy, our newest rooster, has come of age.
He has, like every other adolescent boy....

discovered girls!

You might remember that Roy Boy was surprise rooster
amongst our chicks that we started this summer.

Roy Boy was moved to the barn when his hen-mates joined the layers.
And for the first few weeks, he contented himself with hanging out around the barn
with Elton and Number 6.

Recently, however, he has been making the trek up past the garden,

past the upper pastures, and up to the chicken yard by the goats.

There he munches on scratch and patiently waits for the gate to open for free ranging.

He is joined by Tom and Chuck, who also love to hang out with the chickens...

As you can see by Tom's tail, he is just coming off of this summer's molt.

Around noon, the layers are allowed the run of the farm
and RoyBoy is one happy fellow!
(You may not recognize it, but he is smiling!)

I have talked before about the signs that nature gives us when the season changes.
One familiar Autumn sight on the farm is the flocking of the grackles.

Each Autumn, the grackles, blackbirds, and cowbirds all join together
in huge flocks before flying a little farther south for the Winter.
Ground feeders, they all swoop in like a black cloud...
filling our yard and our trees with their noisy chatter.

And then as quickly as they came,
they take off again and land in the tree tops of our 100 acre wood.
They will be in the area for several days, gathering a large flock,
before heading out for the Winter.

I promised you a peek at the quilt that I worked on this weekend....
I had the center panel, a picture of Olivia the Pig for several years.
This summer I had bought the rest of the prints in the quilt and
recently realized how well they would all mix.
So...... voila!

I also made a matching bunting,
that can be hung on the wall for decoration.
Hopefully there will be a little girl in my future who would like this in her room!


  1. What a handsome fellow Roy Boy is. And also pretty smart it would seem. Those poor turkey boys tug at my heartstrings though. I hope they find some girls to hang out with soon too. It had never occurred to me before that turkeys moult just like chickens. Their feathers must be enormous though!
    Your Olivia quilt is just beautiful. You are so clever. Learning to quilt is one of my ambitions. One day...

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. the quilt is wonderful! i love all the photos. i am so enjoying fall!

  3. What an awesome job with the quilt! Love the fabric combinations...

    What do you feed your chickens for treats, scratch,etc... and how often?

    My flock is going through their first molt right now and they look awful!

  4. Aw, the quilt is lovely Bev! What little girl wouldn't want to have it. Love the matching bunting, too.

  5. I have a 15 year old son so I totally understand the adolescent thing! HA!

    Your quilt is adorable. Great job-I just love Olivia!

  6. That certainly does look like one happy rooster!

  7. What a darling quilt..I just love it as would any little girl.Grackles..Not a fan..Noisy birds..I guess it's because there are so many..Roy Boy is very handsome and I'm sure he has lots of admirers.

  8. Roy is a handsome fellow! Do you feed directly to the ground? Or is that just scratch? I have tried many feeders and they tip them all, so now I just pour the feed on the ground in a narrow line and let them have at it. I use lay krackett and mix it with a one part scratch, to three parts krackett. I add a bag of oyster shell too.
    Such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? I am still waiting for Fall to arrive though. We are high temps this week! 108 is expected for today and tomorrow. Should see a cooling trend after this nonsense!!
    LOVE Olivia. What a charming quilt!!!
    XO KRis

  9. Love the quilt, but PLEASE keep the birds there! I can't stand the Starling HORDE.

  10. Love that quilt, but please, keep the birds THERE!

  11. Lovely photos ! My what a handsome fellow he is ! Wonderful quilt . I to have noticed a change in the birds and critters here as the season has changed ! Have a wonderful day !

  12. He's very handsome! And your quilt is simply beautiful! Happy autumn.

  13. Roy Boy is so proud and handsome! I'm glad you have him to take care of all those hens running around the yard. Danger lurks, and Roy Boy will see to it that they are safe.

    Oh, and I LOVE Olivia on that quilt. I'd call that quilt a keeper!

  14. I love barred rocks, he is so darn handsome! I am down to ONE rooster and 2 hens and 8 baby chicks. WE are definitely getting a great Pyrenees this winter, i've HAD it with the predators!
    Your quilt is charming!

  15. The girls and I were looking at your pictures (they love the animals) when we saw Olivia... Mommy, mommy, look.... Olivia... Then I was blessed with them singing the song for Olivia... Lets just say they approve of the quilt...
    Meri L.


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