Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pedi Day

With temps in the low 60's and no rain in sight,
yesterday was the perfect day to finish my hoof trimming rounds.

Last week Red and Ollie were groomed and trimmed.

Yesterday... the Bigs had their turn.

First Scarlet who patiently let me trim even the hairs on her chinny chin chin!

Doesn't she look lovely?


 and Donnie

each had their turns getting their manes and tails brushed,

their bridal paths clipped,

and their hooves trimmed.

I keep all of my equines in natural feet.

In order to maintain healthy hooves,
I try to rasp and re-shape them every two months.
The more often I work on their hooves, the easier it is.

They are all pretty cooperative,
but I find it easier if I sing to them.

For Moonbeam....Beach Boys tunes.
 You see, he fancies himself a California surfing dude!
So the Beach Boys calm him.

Donnie Brasco likes the classics...the heavier the better...
so I hum them for him.

For Scarlet....
silly little made up ditties.
I usually sing her a song that I made up about "Scarlet the Starlet".

  Oh, the things we do for our friends!
(Do you think me crazy?)

As for these two....

No songs will calm them enough to allow a pedicure...
no, it takes a song, a prayer and a small army!

It's hard to believe that an animal with these soft, sweet eyes
could be as willful as these two!

Needless to say.... I have them yet to do. 
Any volunteers???


  1. i'll groom those two if you groom teddy for me. i have the most stubborn dog in the world!

  2. My farrier trims Harry and Gunny with me holding the head end. Oy! It's always a bit of a rodeo but I saw glimpses of improvement the last time. Yes, mini donkeys are willful to be sure. Have fun:-)

  3. Okay now I have the beach boys songs in my head for the day. I don't know why but I just started singing reading this post. Heaven help me or should I say my co workers for I can't sing!

    I got it, your posts always put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. A great way to start the day with Tails of the farm!

  4. Wonderful photos ! I could just cuddle them all ! And no your not crazy for humming to them whilst you trim them up . I talk to our Harley and Miggy when I trim them up practically have an entire conversation with them , well they listen I babel more like lol it keeps them calm ! Good luck with two donkeys maybe some Mexican music in the back ground will keep them calm for you whilst you trim them up ! Have a good day !

  5. Your work on the farm is never done, is it? When you say that you keep the equines natural, do you mean that they don't wear horseshoes?
    You are having some nice cool weather there is sounds like. We have finally cooled, and are even expecting some rain. Almost unheard of for our area before November!!
    XO Kris

  6. This is the third blog post I have read this morning where a woman is doing the trimming! Brava! I wish I had learned how to do it, but don't think my back would take it now!

  7. No, I pay someone to do my two mini donkeys.


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