Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home is....

Where my heart is....

Some days it's so hard to leave.
There are errands to run, groceries to buy,
but I just cannot force myself to leave home!
Yesterday was one such day.

I thought I would share some pictures that I took,
to show you my world.

And maybe you will understand,
why sometimes leaving is so hard....

A few years ago, we added an additional 12 acres of adjoining land to the farm....
in hopes that one or more, or all of our kids will one day want to build a life here...
to carry on our legacy.
This acreage is on the northern edge of our land, down a path through the woods....

with a vista that makes me swoon.

Rolling hills in the distance, farmland in the middle...
The acreage is now a cornfield, but someday???

And so I took the day to just appreciate my home.
With camera in hand, I set out to capture its essence.

And because so much of what I love is the animals that I care for....

I had to include them also!

It seems I am surrounded by camera hogs!

Though most days are solitary,
I am never alone.

So many loving souls to visit...

With one thing in common....


No matter where life takes me...
there's no place on earth quite like it!


  1. We have no animals, other than our two pups, no crops, and only 3 acres, and yet sometimes I go for days without leaving home. Having just a bit of land around you makes one feel a contentment like no other. Love your photos and vistas today!

  2. Yes indeed, Beverly, I can see exactly what you mean!

  3. it is all so beautiful. the white farm house? is it yours? i just love seeing the pigs with your dog. they are all so sweet! i have the same kind of days when i just want to stay home all day. i actually have lots of those days!

  4. Beautiful!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  5. You are one very lucky lady!

  6. I.Know.What.You.Mean!!! I am now working FULL-Time outside of my home (for the first time ever) And I hate it!!! My home is where I WANT TO BE!!

  7. I know what you mean. I live for the days off from my part time job and always have thing to do around here.
    Your place is so beautiful. I hope some of your kids do want to settle there.

  8. I wouldn't want to leave either!!! It's gorgeous! I'm jealous!

  9. Truly Gods country.. .just love that view. And your log home!

    I feel the same way about our little homestead here...and the animals are my extended family.

  10. i am content to be home as well! your home is so beautiful ... i'd never want to leave it either!!!

  11. The perfect picture to start out your HOME post. Ahhh, sweet Sadie! I sit here this morning enjoying the mini tour of Home Sweet Home so much. It brings my dream of of living in the country for front. Thank you for sharing your dream with all of us. I don't think I would ever leave.

    Yes, I am coming for a visit someday!!!

  12. I think Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it right "there's no place like home!" I hated to leave mine this morning! Your's is stunning!

    Tell ya what, come on over for some apple cake, you'll love it!


  13. What a beautiful home you have!

  14. I'm starting a new blog hop! Every Thursday night I will post Farm Fun Friday. I'd love it if you came and linked up every week.


  15. Your pictures are beautiful, and now retired, I hesitate to leave, too... I am far happier here.

  16. Your pictures are beautiful, and now retired, I hesitate to leave, too... I am far happier here.

  17. I WOULD NEVER LEAVE either. Sorry to yell...but your piece of heaven is heavenly!!! Love all the critters too.

  18. Love your pictures..I also love just being home..It's a comfortable feeling..Warm , fuzzies..So glad you're happy..

  19. What a wonderful home! Made more of a home by all your sweet, beautiful animals to love and care for. Love of home and family, which our animals are.. is where it's at. :)

  20. If I had view like yours and all your wonderful animals, I would have a hard time leaving too.

  21. It can't get any better than that! Lovely views all around.

  22. I would never want to leave either! I only have one acre of orange grove, and I love my little piece of heaven, and am quite the homebody as well.
    Hope your husband is okay after his bee encounter!!!
    xo Kris

  23. There is no place like home!


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