Friday, October 19, 2012

Farm Fun Friday

Autumn's colors are at their peak...
it won't be long until the leaves are gone,
so I am enjoying the color while I can.

I have learned to never be without my camera.
As I go from chore to chore around the farm,
there is always a moment of cuteness,
which without my camera could be gone and lost forever.

And so...because I love to share it all with you,
I keep one or more cameras with me.

EllaBella (above) is our non-adventurous barn cat.
She fancies herself a house cat....warm bed, canned food, plenty of lovin'...
and I am pretty sure that hunting for mice is beneath her! 

Whereas, Leo is quite adventurous and not afraid of anything.
He spends his days in the woods hunting, and visiting the rest of the farm.

The donkeys are always interested in a little snuzzling.
(And have you noticed that my nose seems to be half the size of a donkey's ear?
I'm pretty sure it's not.)

Sammie loves to mix it up with all of the animals...

and holds very still for them to sniff him.

Which is wise, of course, because if he ran,
 the donkeys would definitely give chase!

I thought it was so sweet,
how all four of my fellows were sharing from one pile of hay....

Of course, Scarlet (their sister) was elsewhere enjoying her very own pile...
the benefits of being the bossy only mare.

And, because I am pretty sure that you, like me, never get enough of 
Ginger and MaryAnn,
here is yet another video....

And lastly, here is a picture of our experiment with making homemade sauerkraut
from our homegrown cabbage.
You may notice a pink cast to the kraut...
which is due to the one head of red cabbage that we mixed in with the rest.

We all tasted the sauerkraut, and it is amazingly fresh!

We have joined in on a fun new blog hop....

Farm Life at its Best

hop along with us and check it out!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i guess the piggies would pretty much let you scratch them all day long if you had the time! i just made bev's sauerkraut recipe from beverly's back porch and it is so good that i can just eat it straight from the jar.

Karen Bates said...

Ahhh a pigs sweet! Love how all the animals mix it up with each other!!

Missy George said...

Bad angle for your nose..At least it's straight...Love the farm visits,,Have a good weekend..Keep Hubs away from the bees..

Tayet @ Farm Life at its Best said...

I love your pics so much! The little horses are some of the cutest things ever.

Thanks for linking up!

Junebug said...

What some contented, loved piggies!! I know they were saying, don't stop MOM!!! I always enjoy the interaction of all you animals.

It's Friday, here's to a great weekend!

edenhills said...

I am so glad you always have that camera! Love the kitty on the fence.

Kris said...

Hi Beverly! I have been very behind in my blog visits lately! I was here this morning catching up with life on the farm. Oh how I love to live vicariously through you here! You are living my dream life!! The pigs are so sweet! Loved seeing their two videos of their stall and eating! I did find it interesting that they never soil their stall! How neat is that. Wouldn't it be great if our chickens didn't!!! Ha ha!
The Fall foliage is stunning where you are! Just so picturesque!!
Have a beautiful day!
XO Kris

Rebecca said...

The pigs are so ugly they are cute! Do they have teeth on top? They don't look like they have very many on the bottom. They look so sweet and gentle. Do they ever bite?

Katmom said...

Ahh! Autumn... I love the smells of pines and sitting around the firepit...with a mug of hot cider or in our case, Gluhwine...(hot spice wine)... yep, it's Autumn time...
From our fireplace to yours... Hugz.

Country Gal said...

Oh they are soo cute ! Falling asleep whilst having a scrub ! Love how they all get along . I know what you mean about always having a camera of some sort with you , I feel the same when out side , there is so much out there to photograph ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good weekend !

YolandaR said...

Those donkeys are so cute! I would love to have some.

Thanks for linking up!

Mary said...

Kitties, dogs and donkeys! How wonderful. The video of Ginger and Mary Ann.. priceless. I mean it! :) I wish magic was real and i could jump in and give them some hugs and chin rascals. Sweethearts all!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I really enjoyed hearing their pig voices. Just so cute. The sauerkraut will be excellent on Rubens.


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