Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Between the Raindrops

Yesterday brought heavy rain showers,
so morning chores were done in rain gear.
At some point you have to just decide that you are going to get wet...and go with it!

Most of the animals chose to stay under cover
(except the horses, of course.... a monsoon wouldn't keep them from going out to graze!)

By the time afternoon feedings were due,
the rain had paused enough for all of us to get outside a little.
With my trusty sidekicks, I headed to the barn.

Of course we stopped to see Ginger and MaryAnn, who were happy to get outside for a bit.

MaryAnn got her usual "belly rubbins" 

and a little attention from TomTom,

while Maddie visited with Ginger.

Hickory (our 17 year old Norfolk Terrier) loves to go along to the barn.
The whole way there, I hear her chanting, "feed the cats, feed the cats, feed the cats."
And this is why....

She loves to clean the cans!

By the time I give the horses and donkeys their afternoon snack,

Ginger and MaryAnn have gone into their house and are staring out the back door,
loudly grunting "Hey, we're starving down here!"
(Pigs are always starving!)
I think that's why they're called pigs!

Next, we gather eggs in all three henhouses,

and head up to feed the goats.

The bucks are still engaged in trying to impress the ladies.
Here you can see that Chip has applied a liberal amount of cologne to 
both his face and front legs!

We all enjoyed the temporary reprieve from the rain.
I have to say, I am loving these Autumn days.
Without the gardening chores, life has slowed down considerably....
giving me time to stop and just enjoy the animals.
I have even started another quilt,
and have planned the one to follow that!

When the rain stops, I will be back out in the garden harvesting our sweet potatoes.
And I will share with you our method of keeping them for an entire year.


  1. the photo of the pigs with their heads sticking through the fence is precious. i am glad you don't have smell o vision. i bet chip is stinkeeeee!!!!

  2. Even though its rainy there ,still looks like a great day to me being with all those animals. Nice photos. Have a good day !

  3. With all the sad and awful things going on in our world it is always so wonderful to be able to come here for my daily smile and farm fix. Your blog is so much fun, Bev! Thanks for sharing your world with us farm girl wanna-bees!

    BTW, your quilt plans remind me of my mother-another one of your regular readers (Hi Mom!)She is always planning her next quilt while she is working on another one. It is a happy addiction! :) Have a blessed day!

  4. My favorite photos that you share always involve the interaction between species. I just love how they enjoy each other and show affection.

  5. I so love being taken along on your daily chores. I get my dose of living on the farm through you. I so enjoy our morning visit!!! Hugs!!

  6. Loved visiting with you and all your "buds"...Fun doing the chores with you..Really Chip ??? not a pretty sight..

  7. Yes, I love that pig photo too! So matter what, I would have to give them whatever they wanted, when they looked at me!
    Glad you are getting some down time to quilt.

  8. We have been having rainy days here too. I'm begining to wonder if I will get the fence painted this year. I bet Chip is very strong smelling, rain and urine. hmmmmm.... I love the pigs. I'm glad your guineas are out and about.

  9. Maybe I have not been around animals enough, but I can't for the life of me figure out how that goat manages to "spray" his FACE???? Can you tell us?

  10. One more question. Do you guys have to give Chip a bath or what?

  11. Oh Rebecca,

    I would have to film how they spray themselves...but it would be rated PG!! This is a family blog and I try to keep things rated G. Let's just say they have pretty good control over their man parts and they are shaped in such a way that all of this is possible....think small garden hose with a special sprayer on the end!!! And no, we don't wash them. After mating season ends,the smell eventually disappears!!

    I think you need to come visit the farm and see for yourself!!


  12. Oh that makes sense! I would love to visit your farm but I live in Utah! I do love reading about all your animals and they all seem so happy. I can tell you take good care of them all!

  13. I so love reading about your adventures around the farm. It seems so blissful and your farm critters are just precious.

  14. You have such a way with words, Bev. I am literally laughing out loud from your description of the goats beauty treatment....Have a great day!


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