Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

October is here, and love is in the air.
Yes, it's once again mating season here at Bee Haven Acres.

Our male fainting goats, Chip and Fred, have turned into blubbering fools...
pacing the fence with their tongues hanging out.

Testosterone has gotten the better of them,
resulting in daily head-butting skirmishes

 that leave Fred frozen in the most uncomfortable positions.

It's obvious that Chip is the dominant buck.

Don't worry, Fred....

we have a lovely young lady picked out especially for you!
Fred is matched with Nettie B (brown and white in foreground).

Chip will be covering both Myrtle and Missy.
O'Malley, Sally, and Sissy will have the year off.
They delivered their kids this past spring.
So, with 6 does, we alternate 3 does each year.

For those of you joining us for the first mating season,
let me fill you in on buck mating behavior.
First of all, the bucks spray their beards, chests, and front legs... 
( beards recently trimmed off...for cleanliness reasons)
with a liberal amount of cologne (i.e. musky goat urine).

Then they parade back and forth along the fence sticking their tongue out and making
a repetitive noise known as blubbering.
Supposedly, females find this attractive.
But, for the life of me, I just don't get it!

It is entertaining to watch, though.
Even Sophia thinks so.
She is camped out here in the breeding pen.

Sophia was a stray that we took in last summer.
Dr. Becky spayed her (we think she might be Leo's mommy)
 and we decided to keep her at our barn.
Sadly, she did not get along with our Bobby (barn cat) and so was moved to Dr. Becky's garage.
Eventually she moved into Dr. Becky's house and now she comes and goes at will....
spending her days outside and sleeping in the house at night.

Yesterday was hoof trimming day for the mini horses.
Every few weeks I rasp their hooves and shape them.

Here's Red....coiffed and trimmed.
Isn't he lovely?

And how about those eyes?

We call Red our carousel horse.

To give you a better idea of our mini horses' size,
here is Ollie next to Moonbeam.
Although Moonbeam is large, he is not that tall at about 15 hands.
Ollie is tiny next to him!

I never worry about my small horses being in with Moonbeam.
He is a very gentle, very sweet natured fellow.
I often find all five of them crowded into one stall together....
best buddies!


  1. I love that the horses all spend time together. I never in the world imagined Ollie was that tiny! Thanks for the comparison.
    Those silly goats...I guess all that foolish behavior gets them what they want so....not unlike some adults. ;)

  2. Love your minis! My two are out grazing in the big pasture right now while the two big horses wait for their turn. When I've turned them out together they have run around like crazy, the bigs eventually running up to and jumping OVER the littles. I gave up and they are now separate again. I envy your herd's togetherness!

  3. I guess I never thought of Ollie as being that small until you put him next to Moonbeam..He's dwarfed..Stinky goat season..Yuk! Makes for a fun spring.

  4. Oh those goats! What macho behavior all males do, just a strutting!

    My gosh Ollie is tiny. I knew she was a miniature but goodness! So cute standing by Moonbeam.

    Back from another camping trip, now it is back to Fall garden work and oh that 40 hr job, ugh!

    Enjoy you day! Hugs!!

  5. So much going on every day of every season. You have so many animals with different needs, you must be very organized to keep track of it all.

  6. I learn so much here! Do you sell your baby goats?
    XO Kris

  7. the goat boys act just as silly as men! i love the tongues sticking out. an advertizement for sloppy kisses! your horses are gorgeous. my daughter and i wore your aprons at her event and everyone asked where we got them!

  8. Love your photos . Those goats make me laugh this time of year with the tongues hanging out . Oh Mini farm animals I do love them ! Hope the boy's behave and become more gentlemen like NAH not a chance right ? Have a good day !

  9. I love your blog, with such great photos! It would be what my dream farm would be....
    But I am stuck in suburbia, so thanks for sharing yours...
    Love the goats, the girls had 4-H goats that they kept at a part of our fairgrounds (eons ago)...
    Thanks for the fun.

  10. I am such a sucker for big blue eyes (Red)....

    Life on the farm...luv it! oh by the way,,, Meri had a true farm moment... they traded a piece of farm equipment (with the Heutterites)for money & 15 (prepared) chickens.... lol!
    OMG!, my little Mall Princess has turned into a True Farm Matriarch! lol! The count is now at...6 goats, 2 sheep, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 3 kids & 15 frozen chickens! lol!
    As you know, it's easier to consum chicken/beef/pork when it comes from someone else' farm...if we name it... it doesn't get eaten! lol!

  11. Yes love is in the air. Actually, I'm starting to get used to the smell. Now that is strange.

  12. Boys will be boys! At least they prove their macho-ness (is that even a word? LOL) without harming one another.

    I think, no, I KNOW I could spend hours watching horses. Big or little, they are truly magnificent creatures. My dream is to have 1 (or 20 LOL) surrounding my house on the hill. Where I could look out ANY window and see them. Maybe one day.......

    You are truly blessed to have your animals. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.


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