Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Autumn Magic

If you are still asleep at sunrise,
you should consider getting up and getting outside....

The light of sunrise is a gift to be savored...
each day different than the last.

Yesterday's sunrise illuminated the leaves,
making our woods look as though they had been set on fire.

It's a magical time of day... one too easily missed.

Yesterday gifted us not only with an amazing sunrise, 
but also with adorable visitors.
Our little friends,

and Maggie

 came to visit the farm.
They brought apple slices for the horses.
(The pigs and goats were not impressed with the apples.)

Macy fed Ritz to Dot.

And before long, she had the chickens jumping for joy.
Chickens love Ritz as much as goats do!

Macy, a fearless kindergardener, boldly stuck a Ritz between her teeth....

and offered it to the jumping chickens.

We witnessed the birth of a new "act"....
Macy and Her Amazing Jumping Chickens

Chloe and Daphne enjoyed the attention they were given by both girls,

and re-payed the favor with a nip on the back of the arm
(yes, sadly, both girls went home with a little pinch mark on the arm)

Chloe:  "Please don't leave...I didn't mean to pinch you!"

Animals and children....a magical combination
in this awesomely beautiful season.
Summer's color remains...

with Autumn's jewel tones added on top....

Day's just don't get any better than this.
Thanks Maggie and Macy for a fun afternoon!


  1. beautiful pictures! Fall has the most gorgeous sunrises! your little visitors were VERY brave! I would have run screaming if a chicken had jumped at me like that ... i'm SCARED of chickens! :)i guess that makes me chicken of chickens!!!

  2. i want to be a kid and visit your farm. what memories would be made. jumping chickens...who knew? i never sleep through sunrise. i can't stand to wake up when it is light outside. i feel like i have missed the day!

  3. I think if my view was anything close to yours I'd be up earlier than the sun. Gorgeous photos and adorable visitors.

  4. Fantastic photos ! I love watching kids and farm animals it's soo cute ! Thanks for sharing this awesome day with us ! Have a good day !

  5. Wow those leaf colors are fabulous! Here in Florida we go from green to brown and onto the ground. Looks like your sweet visitors had a grand time!

  6. Wonderful pictures..Jumping chickens too..Macy is indeed a brave little girl..What a great experience for them...and you too..

  7. It is amazing how many sunrises I spend with you, well you blog at least. I love this time, sun coming up, drinking my coffee, and reading my favorite blogs. Soon with the time change it will be going to work when the sun comes up, if you can see it through the clouds - OR rains!

    Gosh you fall colors are gorgeous!!!

    Sure enjoyed the girls visit, jumping chickens and all! Have a great day! Hugs!!

  8. I think that they were love nips :-). Great pictures!!

  9. Bev - your trees are changing colors much faster than ours, and we're only a few ridges south! You take such gorgeous photos! I get "life on the farm" reading your blog. Warren gets the same by driving a truck for a farmer making silage near Blain!

  10. Gorgeous, sweet pics! Ritz is the perfect snack for some, it seems. :) A wonderful time was had by all. What a fantastic fall day..


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