Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pete And His Two Bobs

Last evening, we visited Becky's barn so that Hubbs could take sutures out of
Sid's back.

Sid is Becky's eventing horse... a thoroughbred racetrack rescue.
About a week ago Becky removed a few small growths from Sid's back
and was not home to remove his sutures, so Hubbs volunteered.

A light oral sedative made the procedure easy...
and Sid tolerated it just fine.

While we were there, it gave us a chance to visit Pete and his two Bobs.
I have shown you recent pictures of Pete (another rescue)
but none of those pictures showed how truly robust Pete has become.

He is one super looking horse...and such a happy guy!

Thanks to Becky and Anna (below),
Pete is being ridden quite often and has turned into a lovely riding horse.
He is a kind-hearted soul with a good head on his shoulders...
truly a thankful soul who had the good fortune to be given a new life!

When he is in the barn, Pete spends his time with his two Bobs.

Bob One and Bob Two appeared at Becky's barn over the summer
and decided to stay.

They are adorable kitties who play incessantly and keep Pete on his toes.

Both Bobs will be neutered in the near future so as to avoid any Bobbettes!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is too cute! 2 kitties and one big horse. my poor teddy went to the vet and picked up kennel cough. she sounds horrible. i feel so bad for her.

Lynne said...

Perfect timing for the Blact Cats!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Thanks for the update on Pete!! He has filled out and IS lovely!! Cute Bobs too!

Karen said...

So good to see him thriving! He looks awesome!!!.. what a difference. And the bobs are adorable.

Junebug said...

OMGosh! Pete is gorgeous! What an amazing difference. I love his two Bob's. I want a kitty so bad but they make me sneeze if I handle them. And who could not pick up adorable kittens like the Bobs! So hugs to the Bobs!!

Karen Bates said...

I love how wonderful Pete looks! So robust and healthy! Good job, ladies!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Pete has been one of my most favorite rescue stories and it warms my heart to see his photos. Those little kitties are so cute!

Bernadine said...

Thanks for the update on Pete again. He looks great. What a transformation! Hats off to all of you, especially Becky, for caring for this horse.

JudiB said...

Hopw heart warming to see Pete doing so well. Then to see his new friends that were smart enough to adopt What a great life theya re going to have.
Hubby is coming along well after his heart surgery so am excited about spending time with my own horses and barn kittens. Sure is hard being away. Your posts help fill the void.
Keep well Judi

Kelly said...

Black cats are my favorite. Abbey found us and stayed. Glad all are happy.

missy said...

Pete looks amazing..I'm so happy for him..Now he even has his own pets :)..

Anonymous said...

Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.

Mary said...

Beautiful post. I love the horses and the two wonderful Bobs! :) And check out those claws. Meow. :D How lucky that they chose you!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Wow, Pete looks fantastic. He really has some meat on his bones. Thank goodness for Dr. Becky. The Bob's are sweet as well.


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