Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morning Chore Smiles

I have to tell you, I am loving this weather.
50 degree mornings make me want to just skip from chore to chore.
Sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, work gloves....
oh, I am cozy as can be.
The only thing better than Autumn weather,
is a fire in the fireplace while the dry leaves blow outside!

Here are a few smile-worthy moments from yesterday's chores....

Riding to the barn with my trusty sidekicks, Bobby and Hickory...

There's nothing better than a fresh drink of water from a super clean water tank!

"The Big Gulp" kitty style....

"Save some for me, Bobby!"

"Bed head"...piggy style...

Amanda with Becky's two new barn kitties...
BobOne and BobTwo...

Isn't Pete looking great these days???

Maddie got a new toy yesterday and was a little hesitant to take it into the pigpen.

Ginger and MaryAnn:  "Ooooooh, whats is this?" 

"Help!  Mom....do I have to share?"

Ginger: "How 'bouts I gives you a kiss....
then, can I has the toy?"


  1. Such delightful photos. Made my morning coffee even better. Deb

  2. I love that at Maddie's age she still enjoys her toys. Sweet post as usual!

  3. maddie is so cute with those porkers!!! i am loving this weather too. i wish it would stay this way but we are warming up again. did your patterns arrive yet?

  4. Photo . . . Water Lapping . . . Loved . . .

  5. Great post this morning my dear! I would nevah evah share my toy with piggies though. Obviously Maddie has a softer heart than I do. LOL

  6. I love Bed Head Piggie Style, LOL! Nothing better than a change in the weather. I agree it is energizing.

  7. Okay, I didn't put my sweatshirt on as I took the garbage to the curb. Now burr! It certainly is cooler in the mornings. I so enjoyed your pics this morning. I can't decide between Bobby drinking water or Maddy protecting his toy as to my favorite. Then look at Pete!! Wow, such a handsome boy!! Hugs!!

  8. I just love Maddie and her pigs. How cute is she with her toy:-)

  9. Love the look on Maddies face in the last picture..She really doesn't want to give it up..Did she??

  10. Don't animals just make your day ? Cute photos .Miggy and I are also enjoying this cooler weather especially when we go for our long walks . Have a good day !

  11. Maddie and the piggies made me smile this morning!!

  12. Great pictures! Maddie is so cute with her new toy. Can't blame her for not wanting to share with the piggies. And Pete . . . he fairly gleams . . . wonderful!


  13. LOVE the gator picture! What a funny cat :-). Actually, they're all fun shots :-).

  14. I just love your pics! BobOne and BobTwo..that is great! And yes, Pete is looking wonderful!!!
    How nice to be experiencing such nice cool weather! NOT us...not yet. So ugly, hot and muggy! Grrrr!
    XO KRis

  15. I love reading updates about Pete. HIs arrival to your farm in his awful state was the first post I read on your blog. And Maddie is such a loving dog. So sweet. Love all the pics.

  16. Oh, my goodness! Pete is STUNNING. That ashy grey that looks positively velvety...

    You guys have done fine work with him.

  17. There's that lifting of my heart again as i look at your wonderful pics! :)


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