Friday, September 21, 2012

Illegal Immigrants

It was a moist, cool September morning.
Fog had settled over the land making visibility poor.

The sun was just rising when the call came through.
It was the border patrol.
There had been a break...
an illegal immigration....
a village obviously abandoned...

Two desperate mothers and their 3 grown children had apparently dug a tunnel under the fence....

and escaped with only the fur on their backs....
in search of food a better life...

Yes, five Nigerian Dwarfs took off in search of another breakfast freedom
and smuggled themselves into Faintinggoatland.

The fainters were all a twitter.

The Nigerians tried their darnedest to blend in...
to look natural...

They were caught red-hooved and sent immediately back through the border crossing...
no questions asked.

Several more escapes were attempted.

It was obvious they were desperate.

But, rules are rules....the fence was reinforced.

The obviously starved Nigerians were despondent and begged for more food mercy.

Sorry,'s a tough world.


As a follow-up to yesterday's post...

yes, I reconstructed the driveway display....

on the other side of the driveway!

Hopefully, that is far enough away from Moonbeam, the amazing rubber-neck horse!!


  1. Oh ya.... she's have to be a total Gumby horse to reach it now!

    Cute post. I wonder why animals always want to escape when they have such great conditions at home.... Must just be the 'don't fence me in' mentality thing all creatures seem to have.

  2. those animals keep you on your toes for sure!

  3. Funny post . loved the way you worded it all ! I had a giggle this morning reading this thanks . Photos are awesome . Hey it never hurts to try and see if the grass is greener on the other side every once in a while lol . Glad you got them all back safe and sound ! Silly goats they are characters aren't they ? Have a good day !

  4. P.S If Moonbeam gets the display now she has some one working for here hehehe !

  5. Loved this . . . tenacious they are for MORE, aren't they!

  6. Cute post..You are a great "Tail" teller...I wonder why after all these years they are jumping ship??

  7. I love my morning chuckles, of course at your expense!! Those silly goats. I'm sure they were telling you they were just exploring.

    I'd still keep an eye on Moonbean! It still look tempting and beautiful!

  8. It's always hard to keep the kids in place!! Guess that goes for goats and horses, too! Hope things have settled down for you. :)

  9. Why did the Nigerians choose this day to make their escape? I guess you will never know.

  10. OMG love the goat story. Have a great weekend!

  11. Love it! Poor ol' goats!!
    Love the display!

  12. Poor, starving things. They are such escape artists!

  13. haha! This gave me a good laugh this morning!

  14. Thank you for a laugh this morning- I really needed it!!

  15. Too funny. There is always something interesting going on at your farm. Enjoyed my visit tonight.

  16. O my goodness what a funny post and what great pictures! I don't know how you handle them all but I think its great! :)
    PS I love your blog :)

  17. ummm, why yes, I can see why they (nigerians) wanted to escape,,,poor starving (NOT!) goats! lol!
    Never a dull moment on the farm is there? heeheehee....

  18. :) as a "newish" goat owner, the fear of goat escape has actually woken me from a dead sleep! I love how curious they are, but I sometimes feel as if I have been over run by toddlers!

    Glad to see that your Autumn display has been reconstructed! Your posts always brighten my day- Thanks!

  19. Those goats are relentless in their search for food. Speaking of which, I better go see that mine are still on the proper side of the fence. :-)

  20. What a great story Bev! Loved the photos.. Living on the farm certainly keeps you going a mile a minute, I am sure.


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