Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Mystery

Yesterday morning I went to the feed store.
The last view of the farm as I left the driveway was this....

When I returned, the same spot now looked like this....

What had happened between those two times was a mystery.

That is until Jim 
(our friend and neighbor who helps me on Wednesdays)
flagged me down to show me the pictures he took with his phone....

Mystery solved!
Bad horses!

Those corn stalks were about 3 feet away from the fence and tied upright to a
shepherd's crook.
As you can see in the picture, the shepherd's crook is bent backwards now.


  1. Oh, how funny! But I would say "clever horses!".

  2. But MOM... We were hungry!!

  3. LOL you need to be part detective nd part farmer. Great timing your friend happened to catch them in the
    There are times I think of putting camera's around just to watch what they get into when I am not around. They are just like having a bunch of 2-3 year old little boys around. Just cracks me up the stuff they get into.
    Never dull and love it!!
    Keep well..Judi

  4. They didn't want it to get stale!

  5. But mum we thought it was toys for us ? Before they got to it , it looked lovely ! Have a good day !

  6. Tell the horses thanks for my morning chuckle!! They seem to enjoy their sweet treat even if it wasn't for them. Cute post!

  7. Well who can blame them for wanting a bite of that tasty tart and crunchy corn stalk??! Especially if there were a few ears of corn involved in the heist. If your neighbor hadn't filmed it, you would had smelled the corn on their breath, that's evidence enough for me!

  8. I guess a new one will be relocated to a safer distance? I bet they had some fun doing that:-)

  9. we see decorations, they saw horse snacks!

  10. Caught!! Red hoofed!! So funny..can't get away with anything around there...

  11. What a riot! Love the pumpkins!

  12. Your first clue was that all the squash was untouched.


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