Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who's Who.... Part 8

With all of the attention given to Leo lately,
our other barn kitties are feeling slightly jealous.

I thought I would give them all a little space in today's blog post.

Ella Bella is the queen of the barn...
For the first several years that she was with us
(she was a rescue from the local shelter)
she was a bit standoffish.

The scowl on her face is a pretty good representation of her
attitude those earlier years!

Of late, Ella has become quite cuddly.
She is the ultimate homebody,
and only occasionally leaves the barn.

If I am in the garden, she will visit me there, but the appearance of any other cat
will send her scrambling back to the barn for refuge.

TomTom is our adventurous cat...

and I swear there are several of him.
I used to call him The Omnipresent TomTom,
because no matter where I was, so was he!

He is great friends with Leo and loves to wrestle with him.

And when the wrestling is over...
it's time for loving.

Bobby is our great hunter...
spending his nights hunting and his days slumbering in the barn.

Bobby used to live with an elderly lady that had Parkinson's syndrome.
Unfortunately, Bobby loves to be underfoot;
which made for a bad combination.

And so, Bobby came to live at the farm.
He is completely comfortable with all of the animals
and spends a lot of time wrapped around their legs!

Some of you might recall Sophia, who was a stray that ended up in our barn last summer.
Sophia is a sweet, friendly gal who loves human companionship.
Sadly, though, she was often the recipient of abuse by the other cats.

We relocated Sophia to Dr. Becky's house.
At first she made her home in Dr. Becky's garage,
but has since moved in to the house
and is now a lap cat!

It seems that stray cats go hand in hand with farms.
We are the recipient of occasional "drop offs".
It's sad, but true.
And so we try to neuter them and give them comfortable barn homes
for as long as they are with us.
Neutering is the most important part of that....
there are already way more stray cats than we need in this world!


  1. Nice to hear that life is so soft and cushy for Sophia now. Ahh, the life of a lap cat.

  2. AMEN! SO happy to see other country folk that spay and neuter..I am a HUGE advocate of that! THANK YOU!! And love your kitties!! ~Kim

  3. So many pretty kitties keeping your farm free of mice. I hope Leo is feeling back to normal, poor little dude.

  4. What an adorable group. I didn't really notice you had so many! They are great companions and mousers.

  5. They all are lovely looking happy kitties ! There are lots of stray cats around here as well and to many having kittens in the wild , I would love to take them all in but we dont have anywhere for them and they are very scitish towards humans which that I understand since its humans that have let them down. I am glad the kitties there have a great home ! Have a wonderful day.

  6. Your kitties are all so pretty! I just love cats! Hope you are having great fun on your trip!


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