Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's Long Goodbye

As I write this post, it is amazingly cool outside.
The tree swallows have begun to flock on the power lines.
More and more leaves are on the ground.

And morning dew settles peacefully on freshly spun spider webs...
all signs that Summer is starting to pack her bags, and Autumn is planning his arrival.

We left the farm this weekend and took some of our kids to Washington DC;
and while we were gone, it seems like Summer slipped further away!

Arriving home, we were greeted by Tom and Chuck...

Meanwhile, Jim was out doing the afternoon feeding for us...

I don't think Sammy missed us much.

Amanda and I took some time to visit with the piggies.

It always amazes me when I look at a picture of them,
just how much they have grown in one year's time!

Before supper we had a little time to harvest our grapes.

This grapevine grows on the corner of our garden fence and is
the only one of our grapevines that has really produced much
fruit this summer.
Our early Spring followed by a late frost played havoc with
most of our fruit trees and vines this year.

We searched every inch of the vine...

and found enough to half fill a bucket...

which was just enough to make a few jars of concord grape jam.

Our garden is still producing tomatoes, peppers, chard, kale, broccoli and eggplant.
For Autumn, we have planted more broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes,
Brussels sprouts, and parsnips.
Hopefully we can eat fresh vegetables from the garden through the end of November.
After that, we will use what we have frozen and canned from earlier this summer.


PS.... a special Happy Birthday to Andy, who turns 28 today!
Hope you can jump like this on every one of your birthdays!!

Washington D.C.  August 18, 2012

Watching the Washington Nationals play the NY Mets.


  1. Beautiful photos on Bee Haven Acres . . . I am enjoying you, your gardens, Maddie, piggies and all . . .

  2. You have a lovely family. Its nice to all be together. I love when my family is together too. Have you ever thought about using your grape leaves to stuff with rice? Stuffed grapes are one of my favorite things to eat at the Greek restaurant.

  3. Wonderful photos and post ! Glad you had a good day at the game ! Yes the weather here is much the same as you so wonderfully described it is there . I love the cool fresh air and are able to have my windows open now .Some of the birds , bees and butterfly's are feeding like crazy here to prepare for their big trip ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. How fun to have a small getaway with family. It sure looked like the farm was in good hands. Kisses and all! I love your welcome home committee!

    Enjoy your day,hug piggies and Saddie for me!

  5. i love your adorable piggies! (and ALL your critters ... they make me smile) you make it look so easy to have that beautiful farm, even tho i know it's NOT easy, for sure! my grandma had grapes when we were growing up, seeing yours brought back memories! to this day i can tell when there's a grape vine growing ... they have such a distinct smell!

  6. Looks like everyone had fun in Washington...Yes, the piggies are for from the little piglets that they once were.Grape jam is one of my favorites..It's great that you have Jim and it's nice that he has help as well...

  7. What a stunning family! A gorgeous group. Glad you all got away together!

  8. Beautiful photos as always. What beautiful, sweet piggies. Sigh.. and grape jam.. magnificently yummy. :) The first pic makes me think of Charlotte's Web and 'Some Pig'! Love.

  9. Hey Bev,
    I hear ya about the odd weather playing havoc on our gardens... I still have 'Early Girl' tomatoes on the vine that are barely turning orange! Thank goodness my Romas & Cherry tomatoes are ripening inspite of the hot/cold/hot/cold weather...
    My taters are about ready for harvesting and I picked the last of my small batch of cucumbers... oh well, there is always next years garden...right? lol!

  10. Love DC! Just love it there.

    OH, and she does have the tight lipped thing down. So funny....

  11. Where do your turkeys sleep. I am looking to get some bourbon reds and I was wondering why type of set up I need.

  12. Capt. Scott....

    I have a house (shed with window and door) that I close mine up in every night. This is where I kept them when they were too small to free range. It has an enclosed yard also. At this point they would probably be just fine free ranging and roosting where they choose...but they seem to call the shed that's where they retire to each night.



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