Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today I wanted to share our amazing apple harvest with you.
Every year we have bushels of ugly apples...
apples that taste wonderful and make terrific sauce and pies...
but are definitely ugly.

You see, we don't spray our trees,
so our apples are organic.

So, here is this year's harvest....


Yes, that's it...
Two. Ugly. Little. Apples.

Luckily, I met a local lady with apples to spare,
who generously gave me several buckets full.
And with those I filled a dozen quart jars with applesauce.

Yesterday was perfect for canning,
as this is what was happening outside while I was in the kitchen...

When the applesauce was finished, 
I headed out, with Ritz in hand, to feed the goats their dinner.

Sitting on an old log in the goat yard,
I found myself completely surrounded by goats and chickens,
all competing for a yummy treat.

The chickens are so bold, they will steal Ritz right out of the goats' mouths.

Missy, who has better manners than most, relies upon a look of righteous indignation.

She has perfected the tight-lipped "well, what about me????" look.

By the time the crackers were doled out and the pellets were consumed,
the sky grew ominous and we headed back indoors....
both the goats and I!

TomTom, on the other hand is not afraid of a little wet weather.

Goodbye, adorable Dot...
I'll see you tomorrow, when the sun comes back out!

Oh, and driving to pick up the apples yesterday morning,
I happened to spy this along the way.
For some reason, it just cracked me up...
not a usual sight.

It's kind of hard to camouflage a cow!


  1. We have a heritage apple tree in our backyard and we just let it do it's think. No pesticides or anything. The Apples are not too bad. Not picture perfect but nice and small. Cute cow picture.

  2. Indignant goat pictures early in the morning make me smile and laugh!

  3. Too bad about the small harvest of your apples but how fortunate to have someone close by with more! I love to see all your wonderfully canned produce. It is mouth watering and inspirational. It motivates me to want to try my hand at preserving food other than freezing methods. :-) Lucky goats and chickens to get their daily rations of Ritz crackers... Even I would enjoy that daily snack!!

  4. Delightful site . . . goofy apples and goat faces brought smiles this morning!

  5. i just love, love, LOVE those goats!

  6. I'm glad you got some apples even though yours aren't pretty..I can remember my dad picking them up off the ground at my grandmothers "farm" and making applesauce out of them..I would help him "clean" them often re-cleaning ones he had thrown in the cleaned apples bucket.."Daddy this one has a worm in it" Reply.."It's protein, it'll cook"..Didn't make me anxious to eat his applesauce..Glad you got some rain..We finally did..Mollie and I got soaked..Have a great day..

  7. I love good applesauce. Our chickens love saltines more than Ritz. Go figure:-)

  8. I'll take my Ritz with cheese please, Tillamook Cheese to be exact,PLEASE! I'm sure you can't get that braaand back in PA. Oh to be a spoiled goat and have treats delivered.

    Your apple sauce looks delicious. I hope to can some peaches next week. Then I will raid my friend's apple tree. I love, love home canned apple pie filling. It makes it so easy for a quick dessert in the winter.


  9. Missy is just too adorable...what a kissable face!!!

    Your applesauce looks wonderful...so much work but so worth it!

  10. Wonderful photos . A shame about your apple crop ! Have a good day !

  11. What a great post Bev!
    Missy is such a hoot! She can give a look.
    Your poor apples... Well, it was very kind of that woman to share her apples.
    That rain looks sooooo good to me.
    I am pretty much done with this heat.
    Wishing you a beautiful day.

  12. Seeing your apples immediately made me think of the song Yellow Taxi...where they sing "Leave the spots on my apples but. give me the birds and the bees"

    I really enjoyed the photos. I have no doubt that the goats and chickens provide lots of entertainment.


  13. Such sweet pictures of your goats! Love seeing them! We also have ugly apples here...and peaches...and pears. No spraying for us either.

  14. I'm just getting caught up after many days not on the internet.

    I just love visiting this blog. It's one of my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

    I'm getting ready to can apple sauce, too, and harvest a boat load of peaches from a friends orchard - still trying to figure out what to do with the peaches!

  15. I think if I had farm animals, I would definitely have goats, I just think they are adorable!

    Now, would you consider sharing your applesauce recipe? Your blueberry lime jam is to die for!!!

    Thank you!

  16. You think Missy has a 'look' about her when it comes to Ritz's..well you should see Gary's face when I pull out the Ritz & Nutella! snork, giggle! lol!
    Oh & we got your rain,,,yesterday....much needed....and by-the-by..at least you got 2 ugly apples! I didn't get anything this year and my only peach...the birds knocked off the tree...
    We have been hammered with Locusts...they are desimating my trees! uugghh! Oh well! Life in the country is always interesting! eh?


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