Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Farming

It's hay time again.
Oh, the dreaded "bringing in the hay"!!!
It's not that I mind the work.  I don't.

What gets me is how much we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.
She's a crafty one, that Mother...
and not one to be messed with!

No, she cannot be swayed or cajoled.

Mother Nature is pure.
She cannot be bought or bribed or bargained with.
She will act as she wants...
whatever her whim.

All we want (need) are 4 sunny, warm and dry days...
in a row.
It's a lot to ask from the fickle fräulein, "fo sho!!"

We are lucky ones, though.
Our "farming" is not our source of income.
(Actually, it is where a lot of our income goes!)
No, we do not count on our hay or our produce as our livelihood.

All of this reminds me of just how lucky we are....
to be able to do this for "fun".
There are many who make a living from farming,
and Mother Nature can make or break them.
Weather, pests, and other natural mayhem determines the success
of any given year of farming for most.
And of course, then there is the "market" and the agribusinesses who set the prices and control
the farmers' profits....
It seems the only people getting rich off of farming are those who never get their hands dirty.
Sad, but true.
And wrong.

We have friends who are dairy farmers.
And they are talking of giving it up.
As the cost of feed rises, the reimbursement for their milk decreases.
Each year it gets harder and harder to make ends meet.
And then there is the Mother Nature factor on top of all of that.

Every day I count my lucky stars that I enjoy the life I have.
Mother Nature might not always be cooperative,
but that's ok.... I won't complain.

There are so many who truly need to complain,
and need to be heard....
before it's too late.
We cannot live without farmers, folks!
It's time we all stood up and helped them fight! 

Of course we cannot fight Mother Nature.
But we can refuse to buy food that is marketed by a big corporation.
We CAN buy local.
We CAN buy fair trade products.
We CAN buy direct from the farmers.
We CAN buy at farmers markets and through CSA's.
It's time we all did our part.


  1. It truly has been a very difficult farming year. I'm going to have to buy hay this year, which is something I never thought I'd be doing again. I'm filling the bulk bin this week, and I don't even want to know what that will cost, but the animals have to eat. Like you, I am lucky to have another income to support my farming.

  2. Well said! Thank you!

  3. AMEN...I pretty much buy everything this time of year at local markets..It's better anyway...Everybody wins..

  4. Being a farmer's daughter...I totally agree!!

  5. Lovely photos .Here as well it has been tough for our farmers lots of crops were either lost or very small due to the drought we had for well over a month. A well written post here and lots of people forget about the farmer that lives for and by their crops ! Mother nature can be cruel or kind to farmers but it is also up to all of us to help support them by buying local ! I was raised on a hobby farm and we lived off our land and live stock never sold any of it and my father worked off of the farm but even then it was hard at times to work with mother nature ! Have a good day !

  6. I always try to buy local. It is so important!! Good luck with the hay.
    You are very blessed to be able to live the life you love!
    XO Kris

  7. Hear! Hear! What a great post!

  8. Yes, and with this horrific drought this year food prices will go up once again. My husband retires later this year and we hope to grow much of our own next year. Of course so many people living in cities are at the mercy of their local grocery stores. Sad but true. Makes us glad to be living where we have at least a little bit of land.

  9. Very well said. I do eat meat and would really like to find a local farmer to buy our chicken/pork and beef from. I've seen the horrors on tv of the large factory farms and the awful conditions that many of those animals have to endure. It makes my heart hurt. I also don't like ingesting all the hormones and pesticides.

  10. Eggplants look great. My gardens eggplants are coming in nicely.


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