Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maddie and the Ducklings

About two weeks ago, while we were on vacation,
nine little ducklings hatched at our pond.
This is the second generation of ducks that have come from my original
group of Swedish Runners, Cayugas, and Pekins.

Maddie and I visited the pond yesterday afternoon when chores were done.
I wanted to check on the ducklings.
Eight ducklings remain (one lost to a predator, I assume.)

While I sat by the pond watching the ducks,
Maddie went in for a swim.

Newfies are water dogs and much more at home in the water than they are on land.
Being 140+ pounds, Maddie has some arthritis issues that limit her land-based activities.
Swimming, on the other hand, is great exercise for her.

She glides, weightless and effortless, through the water...
no stress on her joints.

And even though the water in the pond leave much to be desired (stinky duck poo!),
I don't discourage Maddie from this activity.

She loves swimming...
unlike Oakley, the only (part) labrador I know that can't swim!

She is very courteous of the ducks and stays her distance.

Once out of the pond, a giant "shake" ensues...
covering everything in a 10 foot radius with a shower.

I have to say, Newfies are my favorite breed of dog, ever.
They are loyal and gentle and sweet natured.
They are just enormous fluff balls of love (and drool!)

Sweet, sweet Maddie!

PS....look who's sitting on another nest of eggs!

Oh my, looks like we will have another batch of ducklings very soon....
hopefully a few little white Pekins will be in that batch.


  1. Maddie has the most teddy bear face. She looks to be very special.

  2. What I like about Maddie is that she is as pretty inside as she is outside. Ginger and Maryann will agree I'm sure.

  3. Maddie looks so sweet! And love your duklings! We are thinking about adding ducks to our farm..*sigh*. My kids talk us into EVERYTHING!
    Today I posted about our peachicks!

  4. Maddie is just beautiful!! Hope you get some Pekins, my senior duck is a Pekin, wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

  5. Sweet Maddie..She just loves life..Seems a little late for nesting but I guess they know what they're doing..Babies are fun any time..

  6. Maddie is just too cute...I see why you love her so much...those eyes!

    More little babies for the exciting!

  7. What a sweet face Maddie has, especially the eyes. Congratulations on your baby ducks. I hope you have another successful batch of ducklings. We also have a dog that can't swim, hates water. He even avoids baths if at all possible.

  8. Maddie your a cutie ! Loved all the photos ! New babies soon WOOHOO ! Cant wait to see them ! Have a wonderful day !

  9. Ahhh! Sweet, sweet Maddie!!! Oh course I'm such a dog lover, I love them all! Yes, Saddie!!!

  10. Those ducklings are just darling and the dogs look pretty great too!

  11. Maddie is a giant love bear! :) If i could make a half dozen of those heart thingies, i would, but my laptop 'can't'. And the ducklings are so adorable. Love love love!


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