Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goodbye Skip

While we were in Alaska, one of our fainting goat bucks
went to live on a new farm.

Skip, who was born at Bee Haven Acres in 2008,
with Myrtle his mother, and Chip his father
is a handsome, sweet natured buck.

Sadly, though, he had no available girlfriends during mating season...
which hardly seems fair for an intact male.

So, Dr. Becky found a new home for Skip.
This new home is perfect too!
Now Skip has his own harem and will have many does to cover during 
this mating season.

We will miss you, Skip....
but I am very sure you will be quite happy in your new herd! 

Now if we could just find some girls for our Tom and Chuck!

Garden harvesting continues...
and we are trying all sorts of new recipes and ideas.
Chutneys and jams are the end point for a lot of our tomatoes.
Last night I tried a new tomato jam recipe...sweet, tangy, savory with a bit of a hot bite!

And this year's cabbage heads are in the process of fermenting into sour kraut.
I will let you know how that turns out...
and if we are successful, I will share with you our process.


  1. Sour kraut is so delicious on Rubens and hot dogs. Growing up in an Irish/Italian household we never had sour kraut at all. Mu husband is part German and had it all the time. Hope it comes out ok for you. I'm sure Skip will be very happy at his new home.

  2. Skip is quite the handsome buck and I'm sure he will be very happy to have his own harem.

    I'm just glad he moved and didn't die. I always hold my breath when I see a post titled like that.

    Have a great day!

  3. I'm sure Skip is one happy boy, a whole harem to himself!!!

    I love sour kraut, I sure hope it turns out. Nothing better than a German sausage and kraut! Yum!

    Enjoy your day harvesting!

  4. I am sure Skip will be the stud of the yard in his new home ! All sounds soo YUMMY home made jams and chutneys . I remember the days when my mum did all of that . Nice photos . Have a great day !

  5. I like tomato preserves, too, and hardly anyone makes it anymore!

  6. We're going to miss Skip..I hope he's happy with his new harem...Your cabbage looks beautiful..Hope you had a good day...

  7. Well, it's good Skip will have an outlet now, but i'm sure you will miss him! What a beautiful boy.. ahem.. man. :) The new tomato recipe sounds delish.


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