Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Smiles From Maddie and Her Piggies

It has been a perfectly perfect week on the farm.
Cool nights and warm (but not hot) days have re-energized me.
It is so much easier to harvest and put up the veggies when the weather is cooler!

Scattered storms have timed themselves so that I could take garden watering
off of my "to do" list.
The weeding is caught up.  The mowing is done.
The house is clean and the laundry and ironing finished.
What a heavenly feeling that is!

Today will be a day to catch up on horse grooming and hoof trimming.

And so I thought I would leave you with this little bit of sweetness...
Back by popular demand...

Maddie looks a little grungy in this video.
You see, she spent a bit of time in the pond the other day...
and she has not yet had a bath.

Have you ever seen three more gentle creatures?
It just makes my heart melt!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Wherever you are, I hope your days are cooling off a bit and your skies are blue!
I hope I have left you with a smile or two!

Hope you stop by for a visit on Monday.
We'll be here...telling more Tails from the Farm!


  1. Ahhh, sweet love! Our temps are suppose to drop back down into the eighties. I'm not a big fan of this 100 degree weather. Needless to say us North Westerners and melting.I'm staying home this weekend a first in many and going to be lazy and enjoy it!!!

  2. Those three are so dear. I wish I could give all of them a big hug! Have a wonderful weekend! Meghan

  3. cute! You can tell Maddie and the pigs love each other. I must ask..what are the thingies hanging down on each side of the pig's faces?

  4. Maddie is such a benevolent girl, I love her! She is like a patient mommy putting up with her piggy tikes.

  5. I JUST LOVE IT! Definitely put a smile on my face!

  6. Piggies like drool....Yuk :). Sweet video..What do you suppose she found to eat in Maddies paw??? I don't even want to think about that...Have a fun weekend..Say Hi..

  7. Wonderful ! I teach second grade in St. Louis and am going to show the class this. It will inspire them all to accept each others differences and to get along. thank you for the free lesson ! Todd

  8. These little pigs are so lucky to have such a patient mommy like Maddie.. Great video!


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