Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Donkey Dilemmas

"Oh, Donkey Girls!!!" I say in my sing-songy voice.
"Come on, Donkey's time to come it....."
I repeat.

If someone heard me they'd think me crazy.
I am, I suppose...just a little.
But the donkey gals have come to expect that call.
And when they hear it, they begrudgingly start their trek back to their yard.

Their willingness is rewarded...
with brunch.

Yesterday they were hesitant, however.
You see, there was a large gang of very scary guineas dust bathing right in front of their gate.

what to do?

I repeated their call and still they ignored me.

I had to intervene if we were to get on with things.

And that's all it took.
Back into the yard they came.

They checked out brunch.

Daphne was uninterested and preferred to investigate the much bucket.
I'm not sure why, but everyone always wants to check out the muck bucket.

Or, the yuck bucket as I call it.

"Daphne, the yuck bucket is not to be worn!"
Daphne loves to accessorize.
Silly longears!

 "Oh, those guineas make me weak in the knees!" says Daphne.

Chloe is unconcerned and continues her dust bath.

Did you notice how lovely these gals have become this summer.
I clipped them at the beginning of summer, 
and they have finally finished shedding out their winter coats.
Now the cross on their backs is quite prominent.

The only problem is...Daphne's only distinguishing mark (the white spot on her forehead)
shed out along with the rest of her.
Now, except for the fact that her belly fur is a little longer,
there is no way to tell the two apart!


  1. Maybe a different color on the ear tips of their masks might help to tell them apart. Loved today's visit with the Donkey Girls. Hope everyone on Bee Haven Acres has a great day!

  2. Good idea, but the only problem with masks come off at night. Then the next morning....who's who????

  3. I love the girls! Don't see enough of them on here though!! I keep donkey treats in a coffee can and shake it when I need them to come in from the field, works like a charm!! They would never come if I just called their names, so I'm okay with bribing them with the occasional treat!

  4. Our donkey boys LOVE to help with the cleaning. They will follow the cart around, tipping it over, messing with everything until the job is finished. I have no idea what's so fascinating about the whole thing, but they join in every single time. We try to keep the cart well supervised so they don't get their heads stuck through the handle and create havoc.

  5. You could put pretty nail polish on their hooves. You said they like to accessorize! Just figure out which on is a pink girl and which one is lime green girl! I'll go for the lime green or maybe coral! Have fun painting!!!

  6. Oh they are the cutest ! Lovely photos . Have a great day !

  7. They are just too cute and look so stylish in their lovely coats.

  8. Oh the joy of having twins !! They have filled out considerably since their arrival..Lookin' good..Maybe you should paint their hooves..Something tells me you're not all that concerned...

  9. Always enjoy your posts from Bee Haven Farm!

  10. I just shout "LADIES!" and my donkey gals come dashing down the hill. They always know there is a treat in store. Don't you just love donkeys??!! They are sorta like big ol lovable dogs.

  11. I am still trying to figure out who is who of my twin nieces...and they just turned 18 :-)

  12. I agree w/June...nailpolish...after all, what gal doesn't like a good Pedi ? lol!

  13. Great Pictures!

  14. Yours have shed out beautifully! Mine are still at it.It'll be winter by the time they're done! So you clip them at all?

  15. They are adorable, how about a pink bow at the end of Daphne's tale! Or some purple hair spray! LOL!!!

  16. Do they have to wear the masks for flies?
    They are adorable!
    I bet they are all so glad you are back!!
    XO Kris


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