Monday, July 30, 2012

Who's Who....Part 6

I thought today we could take a trip down memory lane....

It seems like only yesterday...

Baby Ginger

Baby MaryAnn

Tell me...
could you have possibly resisted these adorable little ones?
We sure couldn't, and so they came home 
to live on the farm.
And we have never regretted that decision for even a second!

Tyler, Maddie, and the girls last autumn...

Tyler, Maddie, and the girls this summer...

My, how everyone (except Maddie) has grown!


  1. Oh my Bev at first glance I thought you'd succumbed to more piggies!! Love this post-so important to take pics!! Have a wonderful week--Rain

  2. Lovely memories ! WOW ! are the girls ever tiny back then , but still cute even now ! Have a good day !

  3. Amazing how humans grow so much slower than outdoor animals. Your piggies are soooo big now!

  4. I absolutely could NOT have resisted those little cuties!

  5. Oh my how quickly the babies grow...Little versions of most things are "cute"...Sometimes they stay that way...

  6. My how the babies grow..I think most little versions of things are "cute"..Sometimes they stay that way.

  7. I totally let out a loud squee! Too cute!!!!!

  8. I remember when you went to W.V. to get them. They sure have grown this past year. Very happy little piggies.

  9. SOOOOOOO Cute!!! Thanks for the adorableness!!!
    XO, Gillian


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