Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who's Who.... Part 4

It seems that everyone that visits the farm is amazed by our turkeys,
Tom and Chuck.

These two handsome fellows are Bourbon Reds,
a heritage breed of turkey.
Originally we had ordered 4 just-hatched turkey poults.

Only three lived...
Tom, Chuck, and Edith.

These three were inseparable.

In time, Tom became the dominant male, and the only one who could mate with Edith.
Any time Chuck tried, Tom would beat him up!

These friendly creatures were anywhere we happened to be...
helping out with farm chores...
like painting....

Edith was the most adventurous of the three,
and loved to destroy the Fairy Garden....
like a giant dinosaur.

This past Spring we lost Edith while she was sitting on a nest of eggs.

(The victim of a sly old fox.)

Tom and Chuck were despondent,
and so were we.

Nowadays, it's just the two of them...
following us everywhere we go!

They just keep looking for love....
hopefully someday, a lovely young turkey lady will come along for each of them!

Our experience with turkeys has been so positive,
that we can honestly say...
we will always have a few turkeys around the farm!
(And turkey eggs are delicious, too!)


  1. Love the turkeys..I miss Edith too..Will they accept more turkeys??

  2. Bev, your turkeys are beautiful. We have a few on our farm as well. Royal palm and bronze. They are so comical to watch. Our dominant Tom aka Tiny, plays tag with our 100 pound Rotwieller. They chase each other most of the day. Tiny tries to seek up on the dog. Fun to watch...
    As always have a blessed day!

  3. Wonderful photos ! A shame about Edith though ! Hope the boys find love again ! Have a good day !

  4. We are trying turkeys here for the first time, they are still babies and will remain locked up for the rest of the summer...but can't wait to see them running around here! ~Kim

  5. Do you know where you can buy Bourbon Reds in small quantities?


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