Friday, July 20, 2012

The Leo and Birdbrain Report

Leo.  Leo.  Leo...
source of all my worry!

Leo had a visit to the animal hospital in our nearest city.
They were baffled.
He seems to have something restricting his airway...
not entirely, just enough to be a nuisance.
He's lost weight.
He coughs, he sneezes.

Baby Leo

Dr. Jose drew blood and tested for AIDS and feline leukemia....
the tests were negative.

He gave him an injection of an antibiotic that is good for upper respiratory symptoms.

If he does not make a rapid recovery,
he will have a "scoping" done to see if he has a polyp or other obstruction.
That is scheduled for Tuesday.

He is still lively and spends a bit of time outside doing the usual kitty activities.

(Leo's winter coat)

I have to tell you, though...
I am worried.
Time will tell.
I hate waiting.
It is so hard when animals have ailments and can't tell you about it.
It's all a mystery and a guessing game.
They can't even be their own advocates.
They depend upon us for that.

And I don't want to let him down.
So....keep your fingers crossed.

winter 2012

Now, the hitch is this....
we are leaving tomorrow morning for 2 weeks in Alaska.
I KNOW.... I can't believe it either!!

Bucket list trip! Taking all my camera equipment!

We have family and friends tending to the farm and staying with the animals,
so Leo will be lovingly cared for....
Still, I will worry!


Oh, and I have prepared blog posts for while I am gone...
a sort of Who's Who on the farm.
Stay tuned.
Amanda will post Leo updates on our Facebook Page.


The juvenile guineas who just graduated from Birdbrain Academy
are doing great.
They roost each night beneath Sampson (the tree where the adults roost)
on top of the Academy roof.

The good news is that out of 15 of them, we still have 15!
They seem to have failed the course on traffic safety, however....


  1. What a fantastic vacation. A very much deserved vacation. Can't wait to see the pictures. I hope you get to see some of Alaska's amazing wildlife. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!
    My fingers are still crossed for Leo.

  2. Your guineas are funny. I hope Leo comes through all right. It is hard when a pet is sick and we don't know what's really wrong. May you have a safe and fruitful trip!!

  3. Good thoughts go our for Leo. What a beautiful boy, he is. I thought of URI too but as you say it has been ruled out. Oh, I do hope they find out what it is. Poor fella. Good luck with him and also have a wonderful holiday. I'm sure you can use that.

  4. Yippee..what a great holiday. Have a great time and will watch for kitty updates on Facebook.The break will do you the world of good even if you worry while gone. I know it is always hard to leave all the sweet friends but we all need breaks.
    Enjoy..looking forward to seeing some wonderful pictures of your trip.

  5. So sorry Leo is sick, he's a scraper...he'll do fine while you are gone....on that fabulous trip...I so envy you! what a photographer's paradise...have a wonderful time!!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful trip you are going to have! Yes, have that camera ready! Enjoy and don't worry too much about Leo. We will all do that for you. Let's just hope he is on to a speedy recovery now.

  7. Alaska is on my bucket list! Have fun!! You deserve it with everything you do - day in and day out!

  8. Thanks for following up Leos story with a laugh (the Guineas),,I have all my toes and fingers crossed for him...As if I could do that..Oh well, it's the thought that counts..Have a wonderful trip..Try not to worry too much..The farm is in good hands..

  9. Alaska!!! Wow, I so want to go there too. Have a fabulous time! I am sure that your family and friends will take wonderful care of Leo and farm. Try not to worry. I am still praying for Leo to make a full recovery!!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!
    XO Kris
    PS I have a friend there now, and she is reporting fabulous sightings of whales and eagles and such. SO many whales!!!!

  10. Oh, my mother and I've worried about little Leo too! He started out little and adorable and grew up into a beautiful kitty! He doesn't even know he has a fan club! :)

    I hope that you have a fabulous trip and am looking forward to see your beautiful photos! Have fun! Meghan

  11. I had a cat with very similar symptoms to your Leo, who eventually was diagnosed with a form of Herpes (I know, herpes for cats, seriously??) that caused a little sore in her throat that caused some nasty swelling, that cut off her airway and made it hard for her to eat. The good news is, after a shot of antibiotics & an anti-inflamatory and a course of oral antibiotics, she returned to her usual beloved, cranky, deaf cat yowling self in no time. Hopefully, whatever is plaguing Leo will get better soon and he'll be back to full-voiced beauty! P.S. Have fun in Alaska. I lived up there for 10 years, and it is glorious. :-)

  12. I hope Leo is soon better. It's just about as bad as having a child sick.

  13. So glad you will get to take a vacation. Try not to worry too much about the animals. Hope Leo does well.

  14. Have a wonderful trip- and trust that all of your animals are in excellent hands!! Prayers for Leo being sent out!

  15. Well, you can't have good looks and brains too! So you just got the good looking guineas.... Will say a little prayer for Leo. Have fun in Alaska. It's on my bucket list too. Mary A

  16. I hope Leo recovers quickly. He is a beautiful cat.
    Alaska is on my must visit list also.


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