Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer....Like A River

The days of summer flow like a lazy river...
warm, liquid, always moving forward...

We jump into the current and float along...
hoping that it will never end.

Our summers on the farm are measured by the produce that is in season.

We start our journey when waters are cool and the strawberries are ripening.
We climb out and look for shelter when the water turns cold again
and the root vegetables are pulled from the earth.

And in between we are carried by a warm and nurturing current that teems with life...
filling ourselves with the goodness of the earth...
nourishing our bodies and energizing our souls.

As the days pass, we drift from strawberry season to blueberry season.
The waters warm and become shallow with the lack of rain that accompanies blackberry season.
Almost without realizing it, that is where we find ourselves right now.
The blueberry bushes will soon be empty and the blackberries are abundant.

And so our daily picking continues...
only the location changes.

The garden is full and lush and bountiful now...
with peppers and tomatoes ripening daily.

The beets, turnips, broccoli, green beans, kale and chard are a mainstay of our diet,
while we eagerly await the arrival of sweet corn.

I love the garden at this point of the summer.
Each box is full of lush foliage and colorful roots peek from beneath the soil.

Spending time just observing the activity of the insects and butterflies

as they flit from flower to vegetable, to flower again
is a favorite activity...
and one I long for when cold settles over the land again and the river is frozen.

But for now I will allow myself to drift along with the current of summer,
taking time to dip my toes in its warmth...
savoring each moment...

ever aware of where the current is eventually taking me.


PS:  The remaining blueberries and this new crop of blackberries quickly became
another batch of jam...Mixed Berry Jam...Hubbs' favorite!

And tell me.....

Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into an enormous 
piece of watermelon?



  1. The summer is so generous with its bounty. Your tomatoes look amazing. Blackberries are one of my favorite summer berries. Tyler sure loves his watermelon. Slurp slurp!

  2. Very lovely, it all is. We just went through our watermelons and planting more. And, doesn't sweet little boy make it look even more delicious?!

  3. I enjoyed your blog so much this morning. You have been blessed with bountiful harvest.

  4. Wonderful post...beautiful the butterfly ones! But the very best, the one that got a laugh out of me (and I just got out of bed)...was the little man and the watermelon!!! The very very best!

  5. Lovely post this morning. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful gardens. Oma Linda

  6. You make summer seem so magical and wonderful, not at all like the drought year we're having. Thanks for making it beautiful.

  7. What a lovely, poetic post..Flowed just like the summer and river that you were writing about...Thanks for taking me along for the ride...DO you think Tyler will ever learn to use a knife and fork??? :)

  8. Hi Bev...what a wonderful post! You had me drifting along with the current...sigh. Looks like your garden is doing great! Last year our tomato plants looked wonderful but barely produced enough for more than a few sandwiches. This year however we are in 'tomato heaven'! Our Brandywines are producing like crazy and hubby and I think they are the best we've ever tasted :) It's just so good to be able to enjoy them this year! Enjoy your crops...and your yummy looking jam :) Take care. Maura

  9. What a beautiful view of your happiness.


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