Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's All In A Day!

Just to give you an idea of the reality of having a farm...

(I wrote today's post yesterday afternoon.)

It is 4:30 in the afternoon, Monday.
I have been up since 5:15 AM, and went out to start chores at 5:45 AM.

Since that time I have (twice each) fed, watered and cleaned up poop for 100+ chickens, 2 turkeys,
19 ducks, 18 guineas (ok, I didn't clean up any duck or guinea poop!)
2 pigs, 2 donkeys, 5 horses, 18 goats (no, I didn't pick up goat poop...it's too small!) ....
fed 4 barn cats (twice) (yes, they are completely spoiled...canned food!)

collected eggs,
watered the garden and weeded a bit,
harvested bok choy, and the last of the sugar peas and planted carrots in their place,
raked 1 goat yard,
mowed 3 goat yards,
mowed our blueberry field,
picked 106 blueberry bushes,
canned 16 jars of blueberry lime jam,
washed, dried, and folded 2 loads of wash,
read and answered my email,
and I am about to get dinner started and take a shower,
(as soon as I finish this post.)

The way I figure it...
this lifestyle will either keep me young or kill me.
I am hoping for the first.

The thermometer on the back porch in the afternoon sun reads 120+.
Out front in the shade it reads 91.
From the looks of my clothes after finishing chores, I would say it is 
somewhere in the mid 90's.

I can't complain, though, it is a beautiful day!

I have to tell you,
I was overwhelmed by the wonderful comments and responses I received for my contest idea.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I only wish I could send the prize to each and every one of you!

Please know that when I write of "lurkers"... I am one, myself!
It is hard to read everything you want to, and leave comments on all blogs...
so, worry not, I get it!
But thanks for coming out this one time and letting me know you are there!

Farm life is solitary most days...at least from a human standpoint.
Although, truly, as you can see...
I am never alone!
There are always enthusiastic helpers to be found.

I will leave you, today, with just a few cute scenes from a typical day....

Maddie: (while sitting in on class at the Birdbrain Academy)...

"How can anyone learn anything, when you are all talking at the same time?"

Daphne: "I think pink might clash with my red hair!"

Chloe:  "Well, purple is my color, so I'm not trading!"

Daphne: "Why is Mom making us wear these ridiculous masks?
Are we going to a party?"

Chloe:  "If you think these are ridiculous, you should see the ones the horses are wearing!"

If you missed yesterday's post...
please go back and read it!
We are having a fun contest!
Winner to be chosen (by a team of turkeys) on Saturday!


  1. Looks like the donkies want to play pin the tail! Lol
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love this post! I am assuming those masks are for keeping the pesky flies off. I haven't seen those before; they are pretty and nifty. Your days sound like mine, except you have a whole lot more animals. But, ain't it fun?!!

  3. I miss the long hot days that Summer brings. Even though sometimes the heat here can be a bit extreme...It's Good idea to get the chores done nice and early :) We are feeling the cold of Winter here in Australia, looking forward to some sunshine with the change of seasons...

    Love your helpers :)

  4. OK....Love your donkies! Our little Dixie Mae would love to come and play at your farm, she only gets to play with cows here!!~Kim

  5. Sounds like the perfect kind of day to me! I hope to have days like that in the near future once hubby & I get our farm!

    And, yea, not sure how much the guineas are learning with all that noise, heehee!

  6. #2 - Good Morning Bev!
    I have invited my fellow bloggers to check out your blog!
    LOVE your sunflower apron!

  7. As you know there is very few mornings that I miss your blog, yes I'm addicted to farm life. Yep, I truly will visit someday and hopefully with two other partners in crime. Already visioning the trip!!! Can you say "More fun then anyone"! Have a great day and give Sadie a hug!

  8. Yikes! I'm exhausted just READING about everything you did yesterday! Looks like I need to step up my game!

    Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!


  9. #3- Good morning again!
    I have invited my friends to check out your blog! Now to go bake your blueberry buckle cake!!

  10. I confess, sometimes I'm a "lurker". I just get too busy to leave a comment but I love following along when you do your farm chores and seeing your sweet animals. I'm busted!
    Happy Fourth.

  11. I think all the farm chores will and are keeping you young!! Happy 4th of July

  12. It would take me a month to do all that and you do most of it every day!! Hopefully it will keep you young or keep you so busy that you won't think about getting older...Have a wonderful 4th..Stay cool...Love the fly masks...

  13. You certainly do work from sun up to sun down. I would love to have a farm. My little slice here is one I adore, but I would love to have more property and more animals!!! You are blessed!!!!
    xo kris

  14. I am always amazed at your stamina!!! I can't believe you do all of that every day...but I know you do because it shows...your home and farm are beautiful!

  15. I need to get the lead out for sure after reading about your day. Its good to be busy though. I bet you have no trouble falling asleep at night.

  16. Even in my younger days, I would never have been able to do what you do. Wow!!! And you get the benefits of the animals you take care of, which I envy you for, of course. Especially those darling donkey girlies and their cutie fly masks and Maddie who is so lovely it is crazy wonderful. Happy day, Oma Linda

  17. You are my idol! My story is I do more in a week then you do in a day and I'm sticking to it! Lol.

  18. Wow I'm tired just READING your post LOL You really get a lot accomplished in those hours.

  19. Hi there, Fun post but not for you-I know you must love the farm but so much work. I am thankful for those who farm. What breed is Maddie-a Newfie/Sharpie mix?
    I love reading of your days and if I was close would come lend a hand.
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. you live the life my dear!
    One day, if only...I could stay home from my day job and still be able to afford utilities, house payment, car payment...oh the list is long! But!! One day I plan to retire and I sure hope I still have the energy to keep the farm fed and happy! Yup, I call it a retirement but I would love getting up every single day and doing those usual chores and sticking in a few extras for fun.

  21. I too am hoping this hard work busy lifestyle will help a person to stay young. :-)


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