Monday, July 16, 2012

Guinea Graduation

[Imagine, if you will, the familiar notes of "Pomp and Circumstance" in the background...
that is, if you can hear it over all the guinea ruckus!]

The place:  Bee Haven Acres' Birdbrain Academy
The time:  6:00 PM Saturday evening
The event: Guinea Graduation

The time has finally come to give our adolescent guineas their wings.
Birdbrain Academy has officially closed for the summer.
The guineas have donned their caps and gowns
and are preparing to march down the aisle to freedom!

It is time for a life of free ranging,
neighbor bothering,
tick eating,
and acting as guardians of the farm...
sounding the cacophonous alarm when anyone new arrives.

For the past several weeks, we have housed these teenagers in a small coop 
 beneath Sampson, our 200+ year old pine tree outside the barn.

Here, we hope, they have learned by example that roosting 
high in the safety of Sampson's branches is the thing to do each night.

Hopefully, over the past several weeks, they have bonded to
Guido, Gus and Giuseppe.
Hopefully these elders will fulfill their duty to act as the "smart" leaders of this
inexperienced group of teens.

Getting the kids to leave the academy at first was difficult.
Some of them were hesitant... not sure if they were ready to accept the responsibilities
that lie outside the sheltering walls of Birdbrain Academy.

Eventually, though, they all left and headed out into the big world.

Up the driveway....

Through the woods...

On their very first adventure.

I am happy to report that with a little herding
(oh if we only had a video of that!) 
from Hubbs and I,
all 15 of the youngsters returned home to the barn to roost for the evening.

Unable to yet fly up into the tree, they returned to the safety of the academy 
for their first night of freedom.

The next morning, they were off and running again....
shrieking and chattering all over the neighborhood.

Welcome to the world, guineas!
Be safe!

Update on little Leo....
Leo is recuperating in the farmhouse basement.
It seems he has some sort of abcess on his chin...
(perhaps a bite, a sting???)
He is on antibiotics and getting a bit better each day.
His appetite has returned.
Thanks for all the healing energy sent his way!


  1. Hi Bev.
    How on earth are you going to put up with racket from all of those guineas??! I only have 2 of them and the noise they make makes me crazy!
    LIsa in Maine

  2. That's pretty funny! I've never had guineas but would love to have them. I enjoy reading about yours.

  3. First, yeah Leo! So glad you are getting better! Now the graduates, keep up the good work! Here's to a great week on the farm! hugs!!

  4. Never a dull moment in your "neck of the woods!"

  5. Oh the adventures that await!!
    So glad Leo is better!!

  6. Happy Graduation..This is when "empty nest syndrome" is supposed to start..I don't think your nest will ever be empty..Sooo glad Leo is on the mend..He's been in my thoughts a lot over the weekend.

  7. prayers answered for Leo! Yea!
    Best wishes to the graduates...
    Hopefully they don't rebel like
    most teenage graduates!

  8. Leo has such a sweet face. I'm glad to hear his appetite is good. The teens did well on there first outing. Do they sound more like a chicken or a turkey? I'm imagining a mix of the two.

  9. How cute Bev...looks like the youngsters are finally free to explore the big old world. I hope they do well...I'm sure they will. Glad to see that Leo is starting to feel better and has his appetite back. That's a good sign! I hope your temperatures have cooled down for you...ours are getting worse with 106 predicted for Friday...yuck. Next week we'll be off to British Columbia...cooler temperatures and clear cold water here we come! :)

  10. I am so glad to hear Leo is improving! Those guineas must not be total birdbrains if they managed to graduate from your wonderful academy.

  11. Hey Bev,
    I'm back from Portland,,and finally had a quiet moment to play catch-up on your fun goings on @ the 'Funny farm'... lol!
    Hugs to Leo and MaryAnn and all your critters.
    I luv the fly masks you gussied up and oh my,,,Guineas on the loose! to funny.


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