Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Drumroll, Please.....

I have been so excited for today!
I love giveaways!

Let me first just say that I sure wish I could send each and every one of you a prize.
Your response to my contest was overwhelming...
new readers, old readers, old friend, new friends...
I am so very lucky.

As promised, I attempted to have the turkeys pick the lucky name,
and this is what happened....

Congratulations to
Gillian E.

Gillian, please email me HERE to give me your address 
and I will get your package in the mail ASAP!


  1. Congratulation to Gillian! Oh, and thank you, Dot! You did a great job of showing everyone up in the barnyard.

  2. Congratulations to Gillian E...and the video was so fun. Thanks for the entertainment, animal style. Oma Linda

  3. Congrats to Gillian E! She's a very lucky lady!

    And thanks to Little Dot for showing the fowl how you're supposed to pick a name out of the hat, heehee!

  4. Sooo cute..I just know Dot ate my name before you got to her...I'll have to do a blog post about Mollie watching the video!!! Good time...

  5. What a great video!!
    Maybe you should have tried the PIGGIES!!!!
    MaryAnn & Ginger would have been hilarious!!!!!!

  6. Sounds as if you had a director..Hubs?? :)

  7. Too funny...the Ritz did it again...Congrats...Gillian.

  8. The video was awesome both Papa and I watched it ! Congrats Gillian ! Have a good day !

  9. Congratulations to Gillian E. I enjoyed watching the big event unfold on video. Leave it to the goats to pick a winner.

  10. Congrats Gillian E.! Such a cute way to win, that's a story for the ages. :-D

  11. That was very entertaining!

    I am moving to a more rural area next week, and have just found out there is a piggie living next door!

    Kathy from Tas

  12. Congratulations to Gillian E.
    OK Bev-
    Since I didn't win the apron -- I would like to order one JUST LIKE the prized apron. My kitchen is sunflowers with accents of red!! I LOVE that apron!! If you don't have one already made up - would you be able to make me one??? After seeing my niece's apron that you made --- your sewing is the best!! When you get the chance - could you please email me and I'll send you the check!!
    I do hope you have extra material and this works out for you!!
    Thanks much,

  13. Bev, Loved that video!! I gathered my whole family around to watch it....the sounds are just like home here! So fun to see someone else with as much love and passion for their animals as we do! And btw...our party yesterday was a huge success! Will post about it later!

  14. I was going to suggest, about have way through the video, that you get the goats... they will eat anything at anytime!


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