Friday, July 6, 2012

BHA Fitness

There was a day when I spent a little time in the gym...not a lot, mind you, but a little.
Those days are gone.
Long gone.

I've traded in the spandex for denim,
the cute little running shoes for muck boots,
the nautilus equipment for 50 lb. bags of feed and bales of hay!

And the toned, rippling muscles of those body builders that populate the gyms for this....

 The Muscled Men of BHA Fitness!
(LA Fitness, eat your heart out!)

Meet Fred, who holds the current title of "Mr. Goat America"...

Fred loves to pose for the camera,
flexing his muscles...
showing their definition and bulk.

Next to strut his stuff is ole "one-horned" Chip.
Chip is a four time winner of the "Strongest Goat in the World" competition!
Here he is rounding out his shoulders to show you his back muscles.

And flexing his glutes, quads, and hamstring muscles....

Oh, how these boys love to show off!

Seriously, though, Fred and Chip are two of our fainting goat bucks.
What makes them so muscular are two things...

Testosterone is the first.

Myotonia is the second.

The Fainter is a normal goat in every way 
except that it has a hereditary muscle condition called myotonia.  
Myotonia causes the muscles to contract or stiffen when startled or excited.  
Fainters do not actually faint or loose consciousness.  
Excitement, fear, or surprise, etc. will cause the goat to get stiff, loose its balance, and fall over.  
The stiffness lasts for only seconds and the goat is fully alert the entire time it is “down”.

Adolescent "Chip"
Our goats have a very strong myotonic gene and are always rather stiff,
and extremely muscular as a result of these frequent muscle contractions.

Besides causing a bit of tension (head-butting) between the bucks,
testosterone enhances the muscle size as you can see by the difference between
Fred, Chip and Donald (our wether or neutered male)...

Donald may be the wimpy guy at the gym,
but without all that testosterone-induced behavior, he has more time to pursue his other interests
like art, music and theatre.
He's best friends with all the girls too...
which is something the guys envy!

Tonight is the deadline for our Summer Giveaway.
If you haven't left me a comment  on this past Monday's post....
go check it out and enter.

Tom and Chuck will be picking a lucky winner on Saturday.
I will post the video of their "pick" sometime Saturday or Sunday.
I wish I could be more specific....but you know how things go on a farm.......

Hope to see you Monday with more Tails from the Farm!


  1. Thank you for the educational blog on fainting goats...I did not know that.
    The guys are all beautiful, strutting their stuff.


  3. I have so much to learn about the various breeds of goats. Thanks for sharing as I hope to have a few goats one day!

  4. Love the lesson but still say, Boys will be boys!! But you got yourself some pretty handsome guys, I mean goats there!

    Enjoy your weekend and I'm trying really hard to send you rain! Did you see that last step of the rain dance??

  5. Too funny..what a great post..Once again your imagination is working overtime..The boys truly are handsome specimens...Enjoy the weekend!!

  6. What a funny post. Those are some good looking goats for sure!

  7. What handsome buffed fellows they are to ! You get more excerzine working on a farm every day then in a Gym thats for sure ! Have a good day !

  8. I love reading your stories and all your farm family photos!!
    Debbie Garcia

  9. Thanks for the info on the goats...I didn't know. They are so cute...when I first saw the picture, I thought I was looking at a bull!!!

  10. Hi there,
    I am a new reader to your blog an wanted to tell you I am enjoying reading all your posts and I LOVE your goats. They're beautiful!
    Robyn :)

  11. Too funny ! I got a great chuckle about the "other interests ". Enjoy your posts and look forward to them. I still wonder about the lonely boy on the farm (white silkey bachelor). Thanks for having one of the best blogs on the web ! Todd

  12. your 'boyz' are so funny, I think you need to add a LaMancha to the herd... earless.... huh?


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