Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slowing Down

Yesterday was a "slow down" kind of day.
I needed it.
Stop.  Take a deep breath...really deep...exhale slowly.
Feel it?
That's the sort of day it was.

After all the preparations, the lists, the projects of the past few weeks,
I took a day to just enjoy the farm.
I try to live my life as if each day could be the last, but honestly, I do often get so 
bogged down with busy-ness that I "sniff" the roses instead of truly burying my nose
in them and inhaling like there's no tomorrow!

Besides laundry and the usual animal chores,
I took a little time to sew....
making 5 party buntings... just because.
Just because ... I want life to feel like a party sometimes ... just because.
Just because, life is so good ... it should be celebrated.

I took some time to stroll through my gardens.

and vegetables....

Mother Nature has gifted us with rainfall almost nightly, so my watering chores
have been minimal and everything is green and lush.

Such a change from the drabness of winter just a few short months ago; 

I am mesmerized by the intensity of color that the warmth of the sun reawakens.

I have learned that planting a garden not only nourishes our bodies 
with the best nutrients this earth has to offer,

it also fills our senses and nourishes our soul with vibrant energy and tangible beauty.

After taking in the saturated colors and varied textures of plant life,

I spent a little time just enjoying the critters through the camera lens...

the barnyard silent, except for the peaceful munching of hay...

and the occasional crooning roo...

all the while aware of the drama being played out in the sky above...

on this oh, so perfect day!

It is so important to look beyond the obvious, 
to the delicate beauty that lies beneath each living thing....

 like the incredible detail in a single feather.
Oh, that we all could see the amazing beauty that the natural world offers to us!

And at the end of the day, I fixed myself a fancy lemonade and a cookie...

just because...
 because life is meant to be celebrated.


  1. I just love your pictures. So much detail and after all this time you can see they really cover your farm and all its beauty. You deserve some time to really enjoy your home. I hope you took a long time to finish your lemonade and cookie!!
    Our rain has brightened up our country side also. It was dangerously dry. You can almost watch our hay jumping...finally. Yippee!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh my goodness Beverly-wonderful colors!! Your animals are just perfect! Enjoy them and all the colors around and inside you......

  3. Lovely photos ! Isnt life around nature just grand ? I often walk my gardens and just look , mind you always find myself pulling weeds but heack I wouldn't have it any other way . Love your party buntings . Have a great day !

  4. Our days have been cooler and cloudy this week. I'm in love with Mother Nature when she gives us the gift of cool air.

  5. What a beautiful, poetic reflection of the joy and wonder of life. The photos captured your thoughts and I really enjoyed this post after returning from work this morning. Thanks.

  6. I could stare all day at the gorgeous field behind the arena. Beautiful post today.

  7. What a beautiful post! This time of year is my favorite and I can't get enough of it.

  8. What a perfect day you had, ahhhhhhhhh! It even relaxed me and that was needed. I drank up every lovely photo and transported myself to the farm. Thanks for my short visit! Hugs!!

  9. Beautiful post..You have a wonderful gift of expressing your feelings..I envy that..So glad that you took some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor..These past few days have been perfect..Cool and sunny with evening rains..Who could ask for more??

  10. Beautiful post...fabulous pictures. I love the beautiful tranquility of your farm. It's so gorgeous on any given day. Thanks for sharing your gratitude!

  11. Good morning! I share your philosophy wholeheartedly!!! Loved the pictures today. WHAT...only ONE cookie???
    ; ) Kris

  12. Hi Beverly
    This post warms my heart.. Nature and your beautiful animals... Life is beautiful.. It is good to know you have taken a little time to take a day and slow down.. Life is so very short, one needs to enjoy every moment.
    Question... May I have your permission to snatch a few photos from this post for sketching? I will be more than happy to link back to you.
    Blessings on this joyful day.

  13. Bev, do you sell your party buntings? My granddaughters would love them to hang by their tents.
    Everything looks grand at your place. Hard work but worth the effort.
    Have a lovely day.


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