Monday, June 11, 2012

Pete and RePete

Today I would like to introduce you to a new horse.
"What? A new horse?" you say.

Well, ok, then....not an entirely new horse,
but a "remodeled" horse, let's say.

Dear friends, I would like you to meet the new and improved Pete.
If you are new to this blog, then you might not know that
Pete is (supposedly...but who knows!) an off the track thoroughbred.

Dr. Becky (Hubbs sister and equine vet) rescued Pete
who was on the brink of collapse from starvation, rain rot, injuries (you name it)
and the like.  She nursed him, fed him and loved him back to good health.

And I would love to tell you that Pete repaid her by turning into a magnificent riding horse.
Unfortunately, Pete remains a diamond in the rough...
a work in progress so to speak.

Pete is kind and gentle and tries so hard to please,
but Pete needs a lot of work!

Finally after months of care, he has gained enough weight to be saddle-worthy.
Becky has spent hours working on his hooves, shoeing him, and floating his teeth 
so that he would be comfortable with a bit in his mouth.

And so, this weekend, she put a saddle on him to take him for a test ride.
He made it through the "tacking up" just fine with lots of peppermint treats for standing still.

However, he was quite nervous around the mounting block 
and proceeded to dance his way around it.

Over and over they walked around the arena...

each time stopping at the mounting block.
A reward for standing still...
and Becky climbed the block.

It was obvious after about 45 minutes of just ground work,
that it will be quite a while until Pete is ready to be ridden.
Becky has the patience of a saint with horses, though,
so I have no doubt that at some point Pete will be ready to ride.

So, for now they will work on ground manners and building trust.

And hopefully one day Pete will relax enough to be ridden.

If you have been following my blog,
then you will agree with me that the change in this horse over the past 3 months
is nothing short of miraculous!

He still needs to develop a lot of muscle,
but he is so very much healthier than he was.

I had hoped to tell you the story of woman and her beautiful rescued horse
riding off into the sunset....

but that would be a fairy tale.
No, this story will be much more interesting than that...
with twists and turns in every direction.
Stay tuned to see how it all works out!


  1. Pete looks fantastic. After what Pete has been through I guess it will take awhile longer to heal his emotional wounds. Thank goodness Dr. Becky has him now.

  2. Wow! He is just beautiful. What a dramatic change. It was heart breaking to see him when she got him home. Let us hope that the people that had him did not wreck him as a riding horse. I sure makes you wonder how some people can NOT think!! They had choices and thank heavens Becky was there to help Pete. Really it never stops amazing me how some people can treat animals.
    Way to go Dr. Becky on saving Pete!!!

  3. Pete looks awesome!!!! What a difference a few months make in the hands of a caring person.

    I look forward to stories of RePete's continued "education"...and I hope all goes well with time and patience.

  4. Wonderful photos ! Pete looks amazing . I am so happy he is doing well . I am sure once he has his trust in Becky he will be a perfect gentleman ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. I was thinking of Pete just the other day and wondering how he was doing. He a beautiful horse and looks fantastic!

    Baby steps! It will be fun to follow the continuing saga...

  6. That's amazing! He looks wonderful! You gotta know in your heart that Pete is so thankful for all the TLC and surely wants to please.

  7. As with all things, patience and love will win the day! He looks so good and happy. So glad that Dr. Becky came into his life, the healing taking place is wonderful.

  8. This is so wonderful! Thank Dr. Becky for her hard work and her compassion!!! Terri

  9. Oh my gosh, he looks incredible compared to 3 months ago. He sure landed in the best home after the horrible ordeal his previous owners put him through. What a happy post this morning!

  10. He is such an elegant looking animal now. For a thoroughbred, he certainly looks as though there's an arabian in his background too. Building trust on the ground is what horsemanship is all about.

    The pictures you posted tell the story through Pete's body language. At first, a worried horse head high, nervous and unsure; to a calming, dropped head, relaxed walk, and finally a happy horse following his leader.

    Thanks for sharing his progress, what a joy to see an animal in the hands of a wise and loving caregiver.
    Heather in PA

  11. What a joy to read this post! Love the title! It is amazing to see the new Pete. He gleams with health. I remember the sad bag of bones that came to the farm last winter--oh such a sorry sight of misery and abuse. Three cheers for Dr. Becky! Hope Pete turns into a great riding horse in time.


  12. He has definitely become a gorgeous guy and so glad to see his injury has healed nicely, too! That was just so sad to see when you first posted his picture. He has such a kind eye ... given time he'll surely make a wonderful riding and companion horse for you or whomever adopts him if you end up doing that.

    Hugs from CO ... Marcia

  13. Pete looks wonderful...I can't believe it's the same horse! I love his freckles! What wonderful patience his Momma has! She'll do it...look at what she's done already!

  14. Wow..he's a beautiful horse..Amazing what a lot of TLC can do and in the reverse..also very sad to see the effects of neglect..Good job Becky and Pete...

  15. He is looking wonderful. He has a great family looking after him!!

  16. Pete has had such an exciting transformation!! Thanks to the dedication of his "people" taking care of him!! He will get there!
    : ) Kris

  17. WOW...I remember the first pictures of Pete & it broke my Heart to see the misery he had suffered.
    To see him today is as you say a miricle! He looks beautiful and in time I'm sure he will come to trust his loving caregiver and finally decide that they can ride off in the sunse together celebrating his physical and emotional healing! Until then the two of them can share time learning to love each other a little more each day!

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. Hi Bev,
    I cannot believe this is the same horse! He looks wonderful.. Thanks to the love and care of you and Dr. Becky and the will of dear Pete!
    Thank you so much for your visit.. Always so nice to see you there.
    Have a wonderful week.

  19. He looks so good compared to what he did! How lucky he found Dr. Becky.

  20. Wow, Pete looks great! I was wondering how he was doing. He looks like he's in good hands.

  21. You are so right, it's all about 'Trust'... and with Becky's love and patience, Pete will learn to trust again...
    Looking forward to the day you post photos of Becky & Pete enjoying a sweet country ride.

  22. WOW BEV...I can't believe the difference in's absolutely amazing! His eyes are bright and his coat looks gorgeous...he's a different horse. Becky is doing a wonderful job of going about gaining his trust...can't wait to see her riding him. Yes I think think this story is going to have a WONDERFUL ending. :)


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