Friday, June 22, 2012

For the Love of Longears

Daphne and Chloe, our donkey gals, have been with us almost four months now,
and I've got to tell you....

I love miniature donkeys!

These two girls are the very bestest of friends....
never going anywhere without the other.

Each morning, they go out to pasture and spend more time investigating than eating.

They head to the horses paddock and barn to nose around.
And if I am out cleaning up manure, they stay right with me.

Incredibly sociable, they seem to just enjoy human interaction
for no other reason than just to snuggle and touch.

The only real stubbornness we experienced was that first week 
of trying to establish the going-out-to-pasture routine...
remember this?....

Since that first week, these gals have been so easy to manage.
They seem to understand the routine.
And when I sound the call "In!" they scamper back into their dry lot...
knowing that their breakfast awaits.

They are never aggressive.

The closest thing to any aggressive behavior they display is a little bit of

"horseplay" just between them.

They are tolerant of the dogs and get along fine with the other equines.

New activities like clipping and hoof trimming are reliably easy with Chloe,
and reliably difficult with Daphne.

But all in all, they are just wonderful creatures...
gentle, peaceful, sweet natured, friendly.

And cuter than cute!

I guess you have figured out by now...
I just love them!
And if you come for a farm visit....

you will too!

Believe it or not, there are parts of this country where burros (cousins to these gals)
are shot on they are thought to be a nuisance.
Don't even get me started!

Hope you have a great weekend!
We have a very busy one planned...
I am catering farm lunch for 20 on Saturday...whew!
(I am spending most of today cooking and baking.)

And Sunday will be spent with our kids and Tyler.
And with any luck, this heat wave might just be over for the weekend.

See you Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


  1. Such gentle animals that truly deserve quality care from we humans.

  2. I love the minis! I'm so glad you got them so I can have them on my virtual farm. You see all kinds of people play farmville on Facebook. They feed and tend their animals. I don't need to play that game for I have my very own virtual farm that I visit 5 days a week. It is called Bee Haven Acres! I get to feed, tend, trim, love all the animals. I even get to garden on top. What more could I ask?

    Thank you for giving me my farm of my dreams. And YES, someday I am coming for a farm visit. I may be a gray haired old lady by that time, but until then I'll enjoy everyday on my virtual farm! Hugs!!

  3. Big scritches for your girls:-) Enjoy your weekdn.

  4. They are darling! Up in our local mountains, Big Bear, where we spend a lot of time, there used to be quite a lot of wild burros. They were considered a problem, but never shot. They were rounded up and then taken for rehab, and they were adopted out.
    I could never understand hunting!!! I could NOT do it!

  5. They are certainly a nice addition to the farm..very sweet...Good luck with all of your weekend activities...Yes, The heat wave is supposed to end..hopefully with some rain...

  6. I really hope that some day I can come for a farm visit. My sister-in-law lives in Elizabethtown, PA so you never know! I just love your longears! Did you hear about the donkey roping competition in Van Horn, Texas? It is just an awful thing to do! I am happy to say that it got so much bad publicity that they cancelled it! Have a wonderful weekend! Meghan

  7. I know exactly how you feel about the longears. There is something magickal about how bright, sociable and lovable Donkey of all sizes truly are. I took a little right yesterday to go see my donkey therapists at MBF just to scratch ears and rub noses and exchange breath with them. It's barnyard zen.
    Oma Linda

  8. I love the minis to they are soo cute and most do have a good disposion . WOW ! you are gona be cooking up a storm save some for us please "smile" Wonderful photos ! Have a good weekend !


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