Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eating Like A Pig

With a title like this, you might think I am going to talk about all of the produce in our garden.

But no.

I am truly going to tell you about how pigs eat.

You've heard the expression.
"You eat like a pig." 

Not you, of course...
but someone, somewhere, has said that about someone else.

Next time you hear someone proclaim that sentence,
you can beg to differ...

It is my hope that none of us humans truly eats like a pig!

And this is why....


  1. Cynthia in denverJune 20, 2012 at 6:26 AM


  2. Belly up to the trough... it's lip smacking good!

  3. Oh my, those girls had me giggling!

  4. Well this video sure help me this morning. I've been trying to loose a few pounds and was struggling getting out the door for a walk. Yep, eat like a pig or go for a walk. Out of here and out the door - thanks this morning!!!!!

  5. I'm sure many people will be reminded of a family dinner at some point in their life:-)

  6. Somehow, I can't imagine them sitting in chairs at a table with bibs around their necks, holding knives and forks..We'll, I guess I can IMAGINE it.. Ha!!! Too cute..The sound brought Mollie running...Sometimes I think she only eats so Max won't get it.

  7. Cute! I am here to catch up. Been sick for awhile, and behind on my favorite blogs. Looks like you are harvesting lots of good stuff too!!!

  8. I actually think they are rather tidy little eaters, I mean it! Have you ever seen sheep eat? They are simply horrid! They snort and slobber and grab food from each other, then they head butt for good measure. Cute video!

  9. You are so cute, reasoning with the piggies. I love it.
    My daughter had a boyfriend in college that was a smacker at meal was icky. But these piggies are so sweet.....smack away girls, just don't fight, Oma Linda

  10. Sounds like our Miggy at feed time lol and yes she sits infront of you after and BURRP !!! Awesome video ! Girls need to chew with their mouths closed to much slapin sounds lol ! The other saying to some one chew with your mouth closed ! Have a good day !


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