Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Berry Time!

One of our favorite times is here...
and by now you know that we have many favorite times around here!

It's berry season.
And that makes us berry, berry happy!!

Strawberries, big and juicy... lusciously sweet...
are appearing daily in the new strawberry boxes.

I planted only two varieties in these three big boxes...
large plants that grow the biggest of berries.

And in the blueberry orchard...
thousands of berries are ready to ripen.

All we need are a few warm sunny days and we will be knee deep in berries
and in a jam... literally!
I will be spending all of my available time processing homemade organic blueberry lime jam
(our most favorite!)

This year we planted a new fruit...
ground cherries, (aka husk cherry or cape gooseberry).

This is an indigenous plant in the tomatillo family with a bright orange,
husk-covered fruit that has a pineapple/tomato like flavor.

Last summer we found the fruit at our local farmers' market and used it
 along with oranges to make a jam.
Let me tell you, it was so delicious that we decided to save seeds and grow our own.

Here is an idea that I had last summer that has worked out quite well.
I use these half whiskey barrels for my kitchen herbs outside our back door.
It saves me having to go the whole way to the vegetable garden when I am cooking.
And there is nothing better than adding freshly picked herbs to whatever you are cooking!

And speaking of last year's garden....
look what I found in our root cellar.

Have you ever seen anything so curious?
It is the last red potato from last summer's garden sprouting tiny new potatoes.
(It's like modern art from the garden!)

And lastly, I wanted to share a few of my happy critters
scratching itches...

I guess you have figured out that our electric fences are not electrified!

I could swear ole Number Two has got his toe in his ear!

Animals are a constant source of humor around here!


  1. Animals are so much fun to watch. Mine give me a laugh when it's needed. As many fruits as we grow here, I've so wanted to grow berries. We have one strawberry plant we are trying to grow here in Grenada and hoping we will be pleasantly surprised to see a strawberry on it. The potato looks like it's eager to grow quite a few potatoes on it.

  2. I love making jam. Last year I spent a whole Sunday making strawberry preserves and they didn't set. I researched and I guess you have to use the strawberries with the white tops. Have fun picking all your berries.

  3. Oh yummy berry season is almost here as well. Thank heavens we did not have the tornado warnings you had. We did have incredible winds that just seemed to twist the trees in the oddest manner. Very long day and glad that storm is over. Many trees came down but not at our place.
    Just love the moves our animals make to give us our happy moments. I have to say the cats and the mini's seem to cause the most The horses look at the mini's with discuss I am
    Have a great day

  4. So you're the one I can blame for the upcoming 90 degree weather..This week has been so glorious..All good things must end, I guess..Animals are a nonstop source of entertainment..Fun..

  5. I used to have some half wine barrels that were great for planting. Being in wine country, they are easily found around here. Not inexpensive, but still easily found. I just remember that once you fill them and place them, they are too heavy to ever move, so you better hope you found the right spot:-)

  6. I'm envious of your berry harvest. We got hit with a freeze after the plants had flowered and didn't get many berries. Luckily, we will get raspberries and blueberries. Can't wait!

  7. I picked my first strawberry this morning. Now come on sun so the rest with ripen and not rot. Oh, this rain we are having. It looks like I will have lots of blueberries if I can keep the bird netting on. Those little birds are so smart! Love kitty scratching this morning. She looks like ahhhhhhhhhh feels so good! Hope you have a great day, Hugs!!

  8. Very strange looking potato thingie!!

  9. Hi Bev
    Thank you, I will let you know when I have finished one.
    Your berries reminded me of my Schnauzer Mr Niles.. He is no longer with me, but enjoyed his company for 11 years.. I used to grow strawberries but very seldom got any for the family... As soon as they turned red they were gone.
    He would run out into the garden and eat them all up...
    Wishing you a wonderful day

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful strawberries!! I planted mine in a vertical garden and the chipmunks are feasting on them before the berries have a chance to ripen for me :-{{

  11. Blueberry lime jam sounds amazing! I'm going to try that this year.

    Also, I tried to grow ground cherries at my 1/4 acre a couple years ago without luck (had a hard freeze and they didn't make it). I totally want to try them again...I wonder if it's too late to start them now.... (probably! :-( )


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